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The Definitive "Introducing Myself" Thread


New member
Not really "new" in general (I've been alive for 40 years now) but new to the world of iPods. Just got my new 60gb beauty and I'm in the process of importing all of my CDs.

I hope to eventually contribute useful info for this community, but until then I will just sit back, keep my mouth shut and learn :D :D :D



iPod'n it up'!
Welcome to iPodlounge! Enjoy your stay ! I'm sure you'll like it here , most people are friendly and if you want to learn something about the 'pods heres the place!


Hello and welcome to iPodlounge. Enjoy your stay with us and have a look around. We have a wealth of information for you to take in.


New member
Introducing myself...

I bought a 20gb 4G non-color iPod a couple weeks ago...been eyeing DAPs for some time and finally decided to spring for one...my commute is a couple hours everyday...decided that I needed to listen to something besides a bunch of baboons babbling on the radio.

I don't think I've ever been this happy with a purchase before...stopped by Best Buy and Circuit City a couple of times to check out my options...there were a lot of DAPs with a lot more features than the iPod, but I really didn't need any of them:

1) Color LCDs for photos...while nice, but useless for me. I don't care about album covers or carrying around pictures.
2) USB hosting...nope, don't need it.
3) Ogg, FLAC...I'm no audiophile...mp3s are A-Ok.
4) FM receiver and recording...this would be nice, but there is nothing but crappy radio programming around here.
5) Unholy long battery life...I don't know about you guys, but I'm close a power outlet or computer at least 80% of the day...I'm not worried about some long vacation I might take down the road.

The simplicity of the iPod just got me...it was amazing that every other DAP had 5 gazillion buttons, while the iPod just has a wheel...it is like the Mac/PC thing...the Mac still works well with one mouse button, while most PC mice have 2 buttons, and a clickable wheel. Its easy to figure out how to navigate everything...no remembering of what to press and when...

The sound quality didn't wow me at first...so I plugged in my regular Sennheisers...much better. I'm not a big fan of iTunes, but its pretty stupid-proof (at least for me). It didn't hurt that the white and chrome just looks awesome.

For an average joe like me, who just wants to listen to some music and podcasts, and doesn't need it to interface with 5 million other things, the iPod kicks butt.
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New member
Hi there.

It sounds like you're the type of customer that Apple aims to entice. I too, satisy all your criterea. I hope you find your stay at the iLounge a pleasant one, it's a one stop shop for everything you need you know - don't be afraid to ask whether you have any queries.
:) Welcome to iLounge forums. Glad to hear your enjoying your new iPod. That's the main thing is that your happy with your choice in players. Enjoy your stay here and have a look around the forums. We have a lot of good information to help you whenever you need it.


Resident iLounge Rebel
papayaninja said:
And remember, the greatest advice ever given, don't die.
Well, it is good advice... ;)

Welcome oblivious69!

Enjoy your stay here at iLounge! The forums have a great wealth a knowledge for any problem or query that you may need! :)


Diagnosis: podsession
Introducing myself

Hey all, I just joined here on the recommendation of a friend of mine.

I'm considering buying an ipod mini 4gb (or, more accurately, get it as a b/day present)

So, I'm here to get some info on ipods in general.

Look forward to meeting you all :cool: