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Tetris Highscores!


New member
post your highscores for tetris on your ipod...

I'm not too good at tetris but here are mine:

marathon: 37956 to lvl 7
40 lines: 6:14
ultra: (the most fun mode :D ) 5253

HOW DO YOU GET PAST LEVEL 7??????? The blocks fall waaaaayyy too fast to beat that level...
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Eric Lewis

Apple Lover
I got to level 7 and failed

Marathon 35 086 Level 7
40 lines : 5:13
Ultra 4783

Level 7 is not possible!!!!!!!!!!!!


New member
high score:139978
level 21 lines 485
But, that's on the cell phone. I haven't d/l to the ipod yet.


New member
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I beat lvl 7 oh yeah nothin can stop me now. :D

And now my high score for marathon is 83496

Level 7 is possible you just gotta have SKillZ to beat it


New member
hi score on marathon is like 300000 something
ultra i never play
40 lines is what i usually do, my record is 1:58


A Bit Outdated
samleeper92 said:
on my cell phone... 51957, level 13, 192 lines in science class - thats right
I don't think your phone counts.

I could always turn on my NES and beat all of your scores.


New member
at the moment my best is 633661 (with the ghost..) (i think i had (befor a reset) once 637xxx)

without the ghost .. i dont know.. but i was over 600000

EDIT: withghost i had 626xxx
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New member
i have recently scored 1.35 for 40 lines for tetris on my ipod and my marathon record is 621000.
do you know anyone else who can get close to me 40 lines score?