Syncing problem with 32GB 6th gen


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I bought a used (but mint) condition iPod Touch 32GB to replace my beloved 80GB iPod Classic which was stolen out of my car last year.

The iPod is not properly syncing. At first I thought it wasn't syncing at all, but then I noticed about 40 of my 4000 check songs in iTunes made it into the iPod. All songs in my iTunes previously synced to my iPod Classic without issue - these are the exact same files, but the iPod Touch doesn't seem to want to take them.

Here are the troubleshooting steps I've already taken:
Updating iTunes and iPod software
Uninstalled iTunes, reinstalled iTunes
Uninstalled Apple Mobile Service, uninstalled iTunes, restarted PC, reinstalled iTunes
Deauthorized PC via Store menu, reauthorized PC via store menu
Reset the iPod (several times)

What else can I do? Why are only a tiny sliver of songs syncing? The iPod says it has plenty of room left.


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Usually the root cause of this are the songs have moved within your hard drive and iTunes does not know where they went.

With that many files not syncing, you should be able to find a few in iTunes and try to play them. If they play then file location is not your problem.

If they prompt you to locate the file, then this is the problem. You will need to find the files on your hard drive and tell iTunes where they are. If you bulk moved a lot of files, you can answer yes to update the entire library to this location, and most of the files should reconnect. Syncing should be better.

Let's start with that and see what your results are.