Sync Default iPhone Calendar with Google Calendar


New member

I want to sync my iPhone calendar to my Google Calendar. I set up my iPhone to do this following these instructions:

Everything works great, but I now have two calendars on my iPhone. One is the "default" calendar and the other is the "google" calendar. This isn't a problem when I select "all calendars" on my iPhone because it seems like only 1 calendar is showing, but the issue is this:

I have all my oppointments on my "default" calendar, and I want to bring them over to my "google" calendar. How do I do this?

One last question, lets say I do not want my "google" calendar anymore, how do I go about deleting it from my iPhone?

*Note, a client at work is trying to do the same thing. Right now she uses a Windows XP laptop, but will be switching over to a Macbook. I currently only have a Windows XP laptop, not sure if that is going to make a difference.

Please help!