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Switchers Stories


Active member
Have you switched from another DAP or music device to the iPod?

Did you throw away your old Sony Walkman or Discman to upgrade to one of Apple's iconic MP3 players?
Shuffle, nano, mini or full sized iPod - they all count.

Have you a story to share about your "switch"?

If you have, then please post it here for a soon-to-be-published iLounge story but please keep it brief.

Thank you.
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New member
About a year and a half ago, I was going to upgrade my Sony MZN10 Minidisc player to their new HiMD format, as it stored more music on the higher capacity discs.

I had been a keen minidisc fan for about 7 years previous to that, and the prices of the 3G iPod initially put me off even looking at the 4G - but its huge capacities were very seductive, but still, price I thought was too much, and I'd much rather carry a handful of MD discs around with me than spend that much on the iPod.

Then I found that the iPod had a much bigger capacity for a cheaper price. So I went ahead and bought it, and sold my minidisc player (which I was beginning to despise SonicStage music software).

After about a month usage, and the iPod ditching my entire music collection about 3 times, I gave up and sent it back for a full refund.

About a month later, Apple released the iPod Photo, which I bought from the airport when going on holiday. I was annoyed that for the week I was away, I had such a nice iPod that I couldnt use, and eventually gave in and unpacked it just to look at it and play solitaire!

But about 10 months into having this, it started to play about, and skip songs, so took this back for a replacement.

I had the replacement no more than a week when Apple announced its plans to release the new iPod with video!

I couldnt help myself, since nowhere was selling it, I had to buy it through Apple (which went against the appeal of highstreet stores where you can freely swap and change your products)

So I took the replacement back in its full packaging for a full refund, where they were more than happy to do, and bought the 60gb ipod from apple, which worked out to be cheaper with my student discount!

I am happy I went with the iPod with such easy to use controls, and the ability to have so many accessories, third party or apple, which many other manufacturers cannot boast.

I chose the black ipod, and its true what they say, once you go black, you never go back!


New member

My first MP3 player (after a couple of generic walkmans and one Sony discman) was the first Rio 300.

I loved the little thing, even with its 32Mb of memory.

But after a year and a half, I gave it to my wife and bought a generic CD/MP3 player, great for longer trips. It had only a track counter, no title display or anything. It was a pain to select the right track.

It last about 18 months or so until it falls from the table and died.

I started researching about a GOOD player. Didn't want to go back to flash memory (still expensive and the bigger players were about 256Mb), didn't trust on the new (by the time) Hard Disk players and wanted good features.

So I went for the iRiver CD/MP3 player. Great, great stuff.
A nice display for file name or id3, great sound, great features. Loved it.

I could be still using it. But one day I went to the states and decided to bought a Shuffle for may wife, to replace the old Rio (I live in Argentina, iPods were difficult to get one year back and pretty expensives). And I was catched by the small thing. Above anything, I loved the design.

I must say that I hated iTunes from the very first time, but after trying and buying XPlay, I went for the Mini (second gen.) for myself. Sell the iRiver to a friend and bought a 4Gb blue Mini.

Man, I was charmed. At least until it gets full.

So I started to look for another thing, with more capacity. I first decided for the 60Gb photo, but all the comments about the audio defects (specially on high notes and piano solos) made me go for a Creative Zen Xtra 60Gb. I said "I want a music player, not a picture player nor a fashion thing, so the Zen is fine".

Man, how much I missed the Mini!!! The click wheel, the standard file system to use as drive if needed, the grip, the size...

And when I first saw the new 5G black... wow I couldn't believe it. It was the most beautiful gadget I ever saw.

So I managed to sell the Mini and the Zen (the later was waaaaay more difficult) on the net and bought the 60Gb 5G black.

And (for the moment) I'm really happy with it, I love it (although I can't see the lyrics... I posted a question on the problems section but not answer yet...).

And that's my story.



The first switcher in our house, was my daughter. Every long roadtrip, since age 4, required the toting of 100 cds...and we have a Beetle. Three people, with enough gear to last for 2 weeks for each, plus carshow stuff...it was just too much. So, I started the hunt..
I tried flash players first...because she was young and everyone had extolled them as the most drop resistant. The GPX lasted a month before it would head up too much and the play button would refuse to work.
I liked what the players could do, and bought a Dell DJ for me. Reason? It lit in blue, like the interior of my car. Repeated problems with Windows frustrated me too much to get one for the kid.
The kid's 11th birthday rolled around, and I figured she could take care of a hard drive based player, so I scanned Ebay for an old iPod. We found a 10GB 1G for $150. A month later we took iPod and DJ on a 5,000 mile 2 week roadtrip...and the iPod outperformed the DJ on everything but battery life.
My iPod came later that summer, from the forums here. It was a 3G 30GB with a bad battery...it lived for a bit on a carcharger until a drop forced me to open it up. That's when I learned electronics aren't that scary and I fixed the battery and hold switch without having to bug my far more technical friends.
Now in our house we have a 1G, 3G, 4G color, 2 5G 30GB, and a 1G mini that is firewire only after a homemade battery charger accident.(I didn't do it, I bought it that way) We sold a 2G and gave one to a great friend.
Next project? Installing a motherboard in a mini.


He hates Scousers
I've been listening to pop music all my life. People talk about how their life of musical expression starts with some Beatle record or what not. I started with streaming Britney Spears off some weird fan site in 2001 and since then til around 2003, I've been living off CDs all my life. I had cases full of everything. From music I'm still proud of discovering today (Lindsay Pagano and Paul McCartney) to stuff that I don't want to talk about (Westlife, the Backstreet Boys). I still remember sitting next to some ANCIENT stereo set my uncle owned and playing tracks of some 'Best of 1999' compilation CDs.

Eventually, I got tired of lugging a substandard Panasonic CD player (my very first. Cost me approximately US$90 :D) and tonnes of CDs around. So in early 2003, I got a 64MB player made by some Japanese company (whose name I now cannot recall). It sat around in the shelf for 8 weeks as I tried to figure out how to rip CDs into Mp3s since the provided software was of no help. I eventually rediscovered Real Player and somehow managed to fit approximately 100 songs onto that player with the world's hardest to use navigation interface by encoding at something north of 16kbs Mp3 :D

Eventually I got so fed up with the player and went back to CD again. Then in January 2004, I heard this stunning piece of news. Apple Computer, whose 3rd Generation iPod I sort of liked, had released this tiny player with 5 different colors. It was called the iPod Mini! I remember reading about it in The Straits Times, Singapore's main English broadsheet. I went "wow!" and then forgot about it.

Until one fine March weekend, I was walking by an Apple Centre. I saw the posters for the yet-to-be-released (the iPod Mini hit Singaporean shores on July 24) iPod and I was enamoured again. This time, the charm hit me like a brick and I paid the deposit for it. A Silver 4GB iPod Mini at the price of S$458. I paid a $100 deposit.

So fast forward to July 23 and I'm at home, extremely excited over my new DAP. This was perhaps fuelled by the stories I read in the old iPodlounge's iPod stories section. At this point, I had never touched an iPod before, but somehow I just knew something was going to happen. I began ripping all my music to my mom's Powerbook (mistake at 112Mp3 :/).

The very next day, I rushed down to the store but there were already queues. At least a hundred people had raced down to what was at that time, Southeast Asia's largest Apple reseller. There were something like 40 iPod Minis. 40 Minis to serve the entire Singapore. Wow. But I reserved 3 months early, I was #7 in the queue and I went home smiling with my new baby.

Fast forward from now on, and from 400 odd Mp3s on that faithful day, the collection has swelled to more than 3100 songs (after careful selection of music, at an average encoding of 192AAC), or almost 9 days of non-stop music. The iPod Mini is gone, replaced by an iPod Photo 30GB (bought in late May 2005 to preserve an evergrowing collection). The stock earbuds are gone, replaced by Sony MDR 51s. The rubbish music is (well mostly...) gone, replaced by a taste for alternative rock and grunge. Even the Halo effect has worked, the PC is gone, it's been replaced by an iBook and a soon to come MacBook Pro.

My name is Kristiano. And I am an iPod switcher.


New member
For fair balance, I'd also like to read about those that left their iPod for another device. Yes, I am bitter at the moment because I can't open iTunes due to the downloading of version 6.0.2. I can't get in touch with a human anywhere (anyone have a suggestion or direction I might try - they are a business after all!) and my emails to customer support just get canned responses that answer questions I haven't asked!!!


Most Awesome Lounger
I had long been a fan of ipods but I couldn't justify spending $400 for space I new I would never fill. I am also a Klutz, but only when it comes to having electronics in my hands. Place anything with circuits and electric flowing through it and I'm bound to drop on the street, in a puddle or under the tire of a car ready to back up. So getting a $400 ipod was out of the question. I had always been a fan of sony so I was looking at the $79 sony mini disc players (I usually broke sony products before they had a chance to break on me). I went to the store to buy one and my friend wouldn't let me. He said I wouldn't like the software and he was right!

So I had been walking around with about twenty cds on me at all times and a Sony Pysc walkman. One day I managed to drop all my cds on a very busy street. Out of the ten I had on me that day, only half of one survived. So thier had to be a better way. I was considering getting the dell pocket dj. It was only $200 and only 5gb. So if I broke it, that was nothing. Then before I was about to make the terrible mistake I saw the commercial for the Nano. Perfect! A flash player so it had a chance against my chronic klutzism. So it's been four months now. I've dropped it more times than I can remember and it hasn't had a single problem yet. So I love it. This is the longest I've ever had a portable player in my whole life! I can't even think about going back to cd players. Even though it was only a ffew months ago it seems so very far away.


New member
My first DAP would be a Sony MP3 cd player...if that counts. After dropping that a few times at work it broke. I upgraded to an iRiver H140. At the time I though apple was overrated, an overpriced fad. I was happy with my iRiver and singing its praises over the iPod. Then when they announed the Shuffle I began to give apple a closer look. I realized my hatred for apple was just jealously in disguise. I got a shuffle and it quickly replaced my bulky iRiver, except in the car. When the nano came out I though, I gotta have one of those, but the capacity was an issue for me. So once the Video was announced, I sold my iRiver and ordered an iPod a few days after it was released. Now I'm loving my iPod more than anything. I can safely say that most people who hate apple and iPods without ever owning one are just jealous. They're not overpriced for the features they have over any competitor. Infact many companies [iriver] don't offer high capacity mp3 players anymore because they know they can't compete with apple. I concider my iPod to be one of the best purchases I've ever made.


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5 Years Ago, Aged 9: I used to burn audio CD's and listen to them on my Sony CD Player. Worked for me for I just needed my fave songs around.

3 Years Ago, Aged 10: Found out the delight of MP3 discs and used the same with my next Sony CD/MP3.

1.5 Years Ago, Aged 12: Bought the Sony NW-E75 flash player (256MB). Was initially delighted. It was small, had average flash capacity, could store all my allt ime favourites and was metallic and ultra user friendly.

Sony Time After That: Started using iTunes for music organizing. My collection grew from a mere 200 LP songs to over a thousand.

Half A Year Ago, gave the Sony to my bro and, prompted by iTunes and the numerous reviews, bought the 4G Color 20GB.

Today: Am contect with the iPod, have modded it with iPodLinux, gave it a brushed metal finish, etcetera etcetera. The capacity is constantly filling up and I have to delete or back up data. Probably wont get anything for another 2 years :rolleyes: .
I was using a Slim X 350 CD/MP3 player from iRiver and carrying around 30 CD's/MP3's with me trying to carry my entire library to enjoy. It was hard trying to find songs when I wanted to listen to them. I had to scroll through a MP3 CD that had 140 to 200 songs on it depending on the bit rate used. It did come in handy when I purchased a new CD though because I could listen to it immediately instead of having to wait until I got home. I had a carrying case to carry around all of the CD's & the CD player.

After awhile I got very tired of carrying all of that stuff around when I left the house. It got to be to much of a load to luge around especially when shopping. That's when I decided to look into getting something else like a DAP.

After doing much research on the different models and going to the store to look at the ones on display I purchsed the iPod. It was smaller, lighter and I liked the screen size. I have never looked back.

I started with the 3G, 30GB and have purchased the 4G, 60GB; 1G Shuffle & the 5G, 60GB iPod with video. I love the size, the ease of use & the capacity to carry a large music collection. I like to listen to songs when I want to listen to them and the iPod has allowed me to do just that.


On the B side of life
I also started off with the iRiver MP3/CD player. I didn't have a CD player in my vehicle, and wanted something that could play MP3-CDs. The iRiver was great; I used it all the time while commuting, and took it with me on trips as well.

It was kind of bulky to carry around, and I either burned CDs all the time or had a long lag between buying and listening to music. I wanted something that I could just put the music onto whenever I felt like it.

The Creative Zens were enormous at the time, and the Rios were having frequent hard drive problems, so I settled on the iPod. I really didn't want to be associated with the hipster image that tends to get attributed to iPods, but it seemed to be the most reliable option.

Its been working well, and I'm pretty satisfied. Its so easy to put music on there, and that's great.

Its not my only MP3 player, but its my main one. I since wanted a flash player for exercising and picked up another iRiver, which is also great. It has some features that my iPod does not, which is a little frustrating. I still use my iRiver CD player in the office. That thing just won't die! And I still use MP3-CDs in my car (my new car has an in-dash player). My iPod goes with me the rest of the time.


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For a long time i actually objected to iPods and resisted them with my 15gb 1g dell dj. But when they released a 60gb version(which i probably didnt need) with video playback and increased battery life i loved the idea of watching movies in class on my mp3, so i switched and i am loving it. And i must say though i see people do tend to encounter more problems with their iPods communities like iLounge make these problems much *easierly* haha solved than sitting with a support agent form dell 4 an hour. Basically i love my iPod and iLounge is an addicting help source!


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My very first MP3 player was a Rio PMP300 32 mb unit I bought off a friend for $50 in 1999. I used the unit until August 2005 when I bought an RCA Lyra RD2780 20GB unit. I got the $400 Lyra from work (K-Mart). The store was closing and by the end of the day everything was 90% off so I got it for $20. I used it for about a month in my car and didn't like the interface. Since I use iTunes on my computer at home, I did some research and decided to add an iPod to my xmas list. I listed the Nano and thats what I got but decided to go get the 30GB video instead.


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My very first mp3 player was a crappy TMX2 that ran off AAA batteries and had a one and a half hour battery life. it was a 128mb. After the fact that i had a watch mp3 player got old, I realized how lame it really was. The watch itself was huge, and you had to attach the power unit in order to use it. Essentially, it was a gimmick and nothing more. It was around this time that a friend of mine got a 3G iPod, and today he's still using it. It's my favourite as well.

Around New Year's Day 2005, while on vacation in Hong Kong, I decided to buy a new mp3 player. After shopping around for about a week or so, I had decided on the Creative MuVo N200. In fact, my dad (who is normally a very stingy guy) decided to buy one as well. I was happy with it--for a day or so, until it died on me. I suspected that it needed a firmware update, but as I had no internet access, I exchanged it. I have been using that for the last year, along with my brother. We have both abused it a lot. Currently it still works, but it's held together by tape... so I decided to move on.

I shopped around, and the 4GB iPod Nano was VERY appealing to me. I went with my dad to the local Best Buy the day after Boxing Day, and tried to find Nano 4GB's. Lo and behold, they had none. But something caught my eye: a Black Box with a BIG yellow and white sticker saying "open item." price? $341.79. I pointed it out to my dad, and he said "why would you want a nano if for $50 more you could get THAT MUCH MORE STORAGE?!" to keep a longer story shorter, I got a black 30GB iPod.
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Diagnosis: podsession
Once upon a time there was a guy in his early teens named Stuart who wasn't very musically interested at all, whose Music interests didn't span any further than what was on the radio at that time.
Then one day in his very early teens, he discovered M.C Hammer (who, was approx. 13 years past his used by date, equal to Stuart's age at the time), which started his musical interest.
The very first CD he ever bought was Nirvana's Greatest Hits, which he bought with the voucher he won from school.
That previous year, the mobile phone he received as his birthday present also came with a discman!

The discman which hadn't been used in the 8 months it had been owned finally had a use.
By now, it was mid-late 2004, and it was approaching Christmas, when Stuart received his Sony Ericsson Z1010 mobile phone, which was converted into his Primary music player, which he stored on the 128 megabyte memory card he bought for approx. $100 retail.

By mid 2005, Stuart had become fed up at his Mobile, and it's 45 minute per 4 megabyte song transfer rate via USB, and now defective earphones (which cost $89.99 to replace!!).
By this time, he had also accumulated a love for heavy metal band Metallica.

He was now either stuck with 3 choices.
1) Not listen to music at all
2) Listen to music through the speakers which weren't very loud, and partially squawky
3) Fess up and pay for the new phones.

Of course, Stuart chose the non listed option 4) Which was accumulate a new device to play his music.
He decided one Cold August Saturday (He is an Australian, hence Winter in the middle of the year) to request an iPod, preferably a mini for his upcoming 15th birthday.

After a month of investigation, discussions with his father over possible issues (What if it's dropped and hard drive freezes etc), It is almost certain that Stuart would receive a 4 GB (Whose dad now says he would have purchased the 6GB) Green Mini with an uncertain Engraving on the rear purchased from Apple.
Well, on the afternoon of the 10th of September, When Stuart went to admire the engraved green mini (on Apple's engraved previewer) He was astounded to find the Nano replaced the Mini.

In 5 minutes his astoundedness went to shock then to anger.
He said 'I don't want this nano thing, I want the mini!!'

Well, how things changed in a month. By the start of October, not only had he accepted the fact that he would likely either get a non engraved mini, or a nano, after seeing how small the nano actually was while out shopping with yet more gift vouchers won from school (this time $60 gift voucher for a large shopping centre within 30 minutes of his residence for being a finalist in a speaking competition) he was now a nano supporter.

One fateful sunny Thursday afternoon after school, The black 4 GB nano with "'iWorm'
Made for Stuart I."
on the back was ordered.

About, 4 working days or so later, on a cloudy Wednesday morning, it came.
Stuart had a dentist appointment the day it came. He was not home at the time, he could not collect it until the next day. He was completely and utterly angered by the Dentist for making the appointment that day, despite the fact he had to wait the second day of November until he received it.
That next rainy cold day, after pondering for about half an hour looking for the depot (which was in a local area) on dodgy directions given to by his Mother (Who was previously employed in a business in the immediate vicinity of this depot)
He finally picked up the package.
He got one quick play of it, before returning it to it's box for the next few weeks.

A few weeks later, that day arrived. Even though Stuart battled a heavy cold, Heavy Fatigue due to extreme lack of sleep and a terrible mood, he did enjoy his iPod.

2 months, 18 days later, Things are well. The iSkin case I ordered a week or so before the iWorm arrived came Wednesday the next week, the silicone case I ordered the Monday before my birthday eventually got here, sooner than the iSkin, but far longer that it should have, considering it was 20 minutes away.

iWorm is currently just shy of 3 GB full, and is fulfilling it's duty well.
As for Stuart, Well he is just enjoying his summer holidays, As he should be.
How do I know all this? Well the one referred to as Stuart just happens to be me, surprise, surprise!


New member
Prior to having a MP3 player I used to own a Panasonic personal stereo. This was great for listening to music and was very flash (at the time). Gone are the days of recording on cassette my first purchase in the next-gen area was the Sony MZR900 MD Player. This to me at the time was something special, it was my first time on a portable digital media device and a new phase of my life. The quality from cassette to MD was astounding. Prior to the purchase I had looked at MP3 players but at the time I didn't have a PC so the MD was my best choice.

After a year I had finally purchased my first PC and MP3 based player were interesting me more. A while after I new the I just had to have one of these players. Having all my music all in one player without having to switch out discs was just too much to pass out on.

Off I went in search of a new player. Going for HDD over Flash was down to the size of my collection and the fact that the flash players didn't look as good as there HDD counterparts. After a comparison of different players I had finally found my player, the Sony VIAO VGF-AP1L. This had everything I could ask for: a colour LCD display, updatable firmware, touch sensitive operation, 40gig HDD, 20 hours playback, photo viewer, easy operation, solid design and a docking station.

Although I had allot of features there were a few problems once I got started. ATRAC was the only format the VAIO could understand so all files transferred had to be converted taking up to 10 hours (newer firmware has given MP3 playback), the battery would drain dead over 3-4 days even while the unit was turned off, I started to find selecting tracks would take longer and longer even locking up when doing this, can only be recharged when docked and the PC “Sonic Stage” software used to upload my music has to be the worst I’ve ever used. While all this was happening I noticed a press conference from Apple regarding there new iPod with video functionality (I was never into the iCraze). I held back from even thinking about purchasing one at first but with the continuing problems with my VAIO on almost Zero support from Sony I finally gave in.

Before my purchase I did (wisely) search for forums/reviews to see everyone’s views and check if there were any problems, a few but not as bad as my VAIO. Down to my local Dixions I went (most online retailers showed the same price as the shops in town and even more with the added delivery charge). Upon purchasing it I was quite surprised at the size of the box, at least 5x smaller that the VIAO. After using my 5G 60GB (black) iPod I am very happy, more so than my VAIO, scrolling through hundreds of albums can be done within seconds and the added video is great, although I do already have a PSP.

In some ways I’m glad I held of buying an iPod for so long, it’s just made this one soo much more special.


4GB Black Nano
I have owned 3 mp3 devices so far. 2 were iriver mp3/cd players and the 3rd was the 4gb black ipod nano. i owned an imp-350 and an imp-450 iriver cd/mp3 player. the imp-450 had the best battery life of all 3 (25+ hours). hjowever, the biggest cd-rw's i could find were 700mb, so thats all i could store on it.

i like the nano alot, btu the battery life is disappointing after having the ability to go without charging for 2-3 weeks. i'm also upset at the scratching. my nano went directly from the box into a podsplus case, yet it still has 1 very noticeable screen scratch and several scratches on the rest of the front.


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Early last Christmas I decided to replace my Sony MZN505, which I had for two years, it played fine but could not write anymore.

I was browsing through the flyers, and the 512MB iRiver T30 caught my eye. I went to the store to purchase it, but found out that the $20 discount did not come into effect until the day after.

Being very impatient, I decided to go out to another store. I picked up a MPIO One. It had great features for a flash player, such as radio, voice recorder, video, and games. However, the horrid music navigation, low resolution, and mediocre music management software made me return it.

I went and exchanged it for a 2GB iPod nano. I was in awe of its slick design. The software was absolutely the best I've ever used, and the UI was simply amazing. However two weeks later it decided to freeze on me, and I got the dreaded "skipping all tracks with no response". I did not mind the hundreds of hairline scratches, it was the deep gash on the screen that bothered me. By this time I was seriously doubting the quality of apple's players, and returned it once again.

The next player of choice was the Philips HDD1630 6GB (very slick). A little pricey, but I had faith in the Philips brand. Again, specs on paper were appealing, such as 18 hour battery life, album art, FM Tuner, and voice recorder. However I had some very serious problems synchronizing it with Windows Media Player, and the response times were unacceptable.

By this time I realized the only choice I had was another iPod. The software, design and user interface were unmatched by any other player. I decided to give Apple another chance, and now I have a 30GB 5G iPod resting on my desk in its silicon case. Couldn't be happier :)
First portable music player I ever owned was a tape player. In fact, I still have one to play my old tapes on!(the spice girls rock!).

In the begining, I tryed to get my sisters old broken discman to work, but my dad felt sorry for me and bought me a real discman. It was good, I loved it to bits. But I lent it to my friend that was going on a road trip, b/c her's was broken(sign #1 that I should not have done that...). She broke mine, and said she would replace it........ well she never did, so my dad cashed in some air miles to get me one they were offering. I still have it. It plays mp3 cds and all that. It was good to me. But I couldn't stand my thick cd case I had to carry w/ me b/c I mainly used my discman when I went camping or on holiday. I decided I wanted an mp3 player.

The first one I wanted was a Rio sport thingy. Yellow circle basicly. The same friend that broke my discman has one, cause she can't break it :p . I looked around online, but I was 14 at the time. When I asked for it for christmas, my dad said buy your own. Later he did get me one of the first cell phones that would let you put music on it, but I think it only held like 10-15 songs!! Yes, the good old days.....

Then, years later, the nano appeared. At first, I was like "no way will I join the ipod cult". But I got past the whole steryotype ness attached with ipods and thought, this is a good mp3 player. One friend has a mini, and one has a nano. I played with both to make my decision. I wanted a small (gb) one cause I don't have a big library, but the winning factor was admitedly the "cool" factor of the nano. It looks like the signature ipod, but more affordable to me and small enough to fit in my purse. Plus color screen and flash memory. Yeah, now that I have an ipod, I truly enjoy it. It is different from any other mp3 player. I hated the shuffle b/c it had no screen, so the nano suits me.


New member
Might as well add a story, ive got nout to do.
Started off with a Diamond Rio600 32Mb. Had that for about 2 years.
Then bought myself a 15Gb 3g iPod. Had that for a year before i got bored with the poor battery life. And my music collection was starting to fill that 15Gb.
So i bought myself a iRiver iHP-140, had that for a year and a bit before it failed on me a few weeks ago.
And im now trying to decide wether i should get a 60Gb iPod Video.