Speaker interference


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Hi guys

I really need your help as at my wits end. Have a 2nd Gen 16gb Touch. Recently purchased docking station with speakers. When I dock the itouch and turn on I get an bad interference noise from the speakers. Noise goes when ipod turned off.

There is no phone near, but I do have wireless set up. I have checked with 2 different sets of docks but get on both.

Don't think it's the ipod as tested mine in shop.

help please


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maybe it's...erm...the speakers ;)

are the two you tested it on the same brand? how bad is this interference? is it like a horrible buzzing or hissing?


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I think the easiest way to eliminate or confirm that it is a hardware problem would be to take it to an Apple store (if you have one nearby) and test it on a dock there.

If no apple store nearby, try something like Best Buy where you can pop it on a dock to check it out.


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It sounds like the speakers aren't shielded very well. (Just call me Capt. Obvious.) Do you need to have the wireless on when you dock it? What brand of dock is this (so others can avoid it). Have you tried another iPod in it to see if it's just that one particular iPod?

I know I had a situation one time where I was running with an older shuffle (the white stick one). I also had my Garmin on. I never ran with it in my hand, but happened to have it that week. Garmin suddenly dinked off a mile. "HuH? That wasn't a mile!"

I turned off the iPod and looked at the Garmin...ran along. Okay, seemed fine. I wonder what that was.

Popped the iPod back on.


Two miles! Now I am NOT that fast, 'cause if I were I'd be on a Wheaties box and in Guiness and on TV. I'd be rich and famous! Deena Castor, eat my dust!

Turned off iPod, WTF? Had my husband carry the Garmin for a bit (he was on a bike...good man bikes with me on long runs). Worked fine for him. After a mile took Garmin back.


Threw Garmin into ditch in disgust.

Slapped my inner brat around told her to grow up.

Started thinking "What is different????"

A ha! iPod! Put it in pocket, never another problem. I didn't run with that one again since I did have a Nano, just happened to grab that one because the nano wasn't charged.

Apologized to the Garmin.

So even the other iPods to give off some form of EMI.