Songs showing in wrong artist & artwork not showing


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It's my first post, found the site on google, I can't figure out my artwork problem and i've noticed another problem today.

First off, my battery has been dead for a week or 2 now and have put it on charge to add new music and there is a few differences I have noticed.

First off, when I click 'Music', my artists are no longer in categories of 'A', 'B', 'C' etc...
It's not a problem for me but it's just something i've noticed.

Second off, a problem i've had for a while with artwork. When I add the artwork to an album, and tilt my iPod to scroll through the artwork, when I select the albums the artwork disappeares and it's just a blank space? It was never a problem to how I did it before but I still add it the same way and now it does that?!?

The third problem I have noticed with 1 album I have just added, the album is a soundtrack with 17 songs. 15 of them are by 1 artist, and 2 other songs are by 2 other artists. The Main artist is in the 'Artists List' but when i scroll through the artwork, its not there, its all under one of the other artists while the other main artist isnt showing at all?

I am running version 2.2 on my iPod and version 8 of iTunes.
I also have the original iPod touch, not the new version.

Mr. Sush

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Probably just need to delete everything off and re-sync. I had to do that when my artwork started getting all funky (either no artwork or the wrong artwork showing)