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Sleeping with your 'Pod


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Contrary to what the thread title may suggest, this is not in any way suggestive, unless you have a fetish for white plastic and chrome. :)

I was just wondering, how many of you sleep with your iPod? Do you plug it into speakers with the sleep timer on, and listen that way? Or do you use earphones (to not disturb others)? And if you use earphones, aren't you worried that you might sleep on it and in doing so, wreck it?

I guess you could shove it in a sock with the Hold switch on. Anyways, have any horror stories about this to share? Or maybe you can tell me your method of keeping your iPod safe and snuggly while listening to it?

Thanks in advance! :cool:


New member
Eugh. No sleepy with headphones, and definatly not earbuds. I fell asleep with earbuds on one time, listening to my old cd player.. woke up the next morning with the chord wrapped tightly around my neck, more than one loop. Definatly not something I'd repeat. I do hook it up to speakers and turn the volume down, but never again with earphones.


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I was thinking about that. I've done the same thing. I guess it's a safety hazard as well, with the earbuds in. Not only can you strangle yourself, but it's hard to hear the fire alarm with some good music cranking in the background. Foolish me...


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I don't stay still in my sleep either, so it would not be a good idea. Thanks for the heads up on that.


iPod Patrol
Sleep timer? What sleep timer?

I've slept with me iPod a few times *stop laughing* I usually thread the earphone cable throug the lattice on the headboard so there's little or no risk of it getting wrapped around me neck.

But I do worry about dust, even worse, falling asleep and crushing the poor thing.


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Sleep timer: the device that lets you fall asleep to music on your ipod, it shuts down automatically after the set time period expires.


New member
i hook mine up to speakers that are on the shelf of my headboard.....i leave it plugged in to the charger so that when my playlist is done, it ####s off and begins charging.

QUICK ?:do you guys make bedtime playlists?


New member
i fell asleep listening to mine once...it was still running in the morning (on the on the charger) the buds somehow were still in my ears but the cord went up my sleve around my back out the other sleve and off the bed down to the ipod......dont ask i have no clue how they went completly through my shirt


New member
hehe.. i sleep with mine all the time and nothing bad has really happened.. i have carpetted floor so i wouldn't worry about it falling.. but i wake up and it's fine. also, i do make bedtime playlists with nice quiet music so i can fall asleep easier.

and like i was telling rigby.. wouldn't being strangled and killed by your ipod the most hardcore fan way to go out? that's how i want to die


Prog Enthusiast
Yup I do. I put them on my inMotion, sometimes a mellow playlist, or sometimes a heavy one. I put it on for a 30 minute timer if i'm going straight to bed, but if i'm reading before bed, I put it on for 60 minutes.


iPod Patrol
This sleep timer thing is a revelation to me. I have to try it out some time. I have a 'mellow' playlist that I call 'Electric Sheep' after Philip K ####s famous SF book 'Do Androids Dream of...'


New member
I sleep with my ipod all the time. I fell asleep and woke up to song number 254. It was weird. The battery hadn't even wore out yet.


Movie Master
i fall asleep with my ipod mini. i sleep 6 feet in the air in my "loft" (its like a bunk bed w/out the bed on the bottom, only on top) i dont think it will fall cuz my loft has like 1ft sides so i dont fall too. i put my mini on the other side of my bed (queen size) so i dont roll over onto it. and whenever i wake up the earbuds have fallen out. i would rather have a hot girlfriend on that side but i am only 14. (15 ON MARCH 27!) so i guess my mini hasnt tried to suffocate me yet.


I can't sleep with headphones on (or music playing, for that matter) and I'm too paranoid that I'd roll over and slap my iPod of my nightstand to even try it :O


New member
theres a cool "brainwave generator" program you can get (free i think) that outputs wav files that help you sleep ... i might load a couple of em onto my 'pod and let em send me to sleep :)


grey... with creamium
I do it all the time... I don't use the sleep timer though. I let one album play, by the time the last song is over I'm already sleeping :)
It's a habit of mine, I couldn't imagine falling asleep without music :p


New member
i sleep with my ipod photo under my blanket. Lately I've been listening to Skye Sweetnam to put me to sleep. She's yet another good canadian pop/punk/rock chick like Avril and Fefe.

Anyways i use the earbuds. I pop them out of my ears just before i fall asleep. Those around-the-neck headphones hurt and the neckband makes sleep cumbersome.

Does anyone here use those sonyy noise cancelling earbuds for sleep, do they work well?


iPod therefore I am
smorzander said:
i would rather have a hot girlfriend on that side but i am only 14. (15 ON MARCH 27!)
Happy Early Birthday! And the "hot girlfriend" comment was hillarious. :D

As for me "sleeping" with my iPod, I did that twice when I got it, but not on purpose. I had accidently fallen asleep with the earbuds on and the music playing.

I have "Brainwave" and Sleep CDs that I bought ripped to my iPod. I just select that as the Playlist and I pass out in no time normally. I've just recently started using the "sleep timer" but since my iPod is docked with full power going to it, it charges while playing the sleep music and once the playlist is up, it stops itself anyway... so I'm good to go. :)


iPod therefore I am
Churchy said:
theres a cool "brainwave generator" program you can get (free i think) that outputs wav files that help you sleep ...
Can you provide a link or info where to find that program? Thanks. :)