Should I buy an Ipod touch now or wait?


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I have a Ipod Video 30gb and it is full. I don't like the Classic at all. Seems buggy and I can tell a difference in sound quality. I guess I could continue to music juggle with a 32 gb Touch because the other features are definetly nice. My question is do you think a 64gb upgrade is coming soon? Any other suggestions?


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i heard a rumor...

I read somewhere (cnet, I think) that the rumor going around is that Apple will release a 64gb touch this spring (like, late march or april). If it's not true, then I agree with Astro_Digital. September always brings new & improved ipod models.
Ask yourself what is more important, the extra features of the touch or a higher capacity, I'm in the camp that decided that I can live without the Touches feature until it reaches a higher capacity. minimum 60GB. So I'm patiently waiting before I start really seriously considering it.