Sennheiser HD25 Headphones


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I posted on the old forums asking for some advice on whether the above phones were a good choice for use with an iPod.

Just to complete the thread I took the chance to try them for a couple of days and the results were pretty mixed. While the sound was pretty good (but probably not burned in enough to judge) there were two real problems, one minor and one fundamental for me. The first is that these are pretty tight fitting 'phones so they can get uncomfortable after a while; the up-side is that isolation is excellent and one of the reasons to try these out.

The fundamental problem is that any movement of the cable against another surace gets piped directly into your right ear - the design is really microphonic. for my personal use this was just not acceptable so they had to go back. I ended up going for a pear of PX200's which, while nowhere near as good, seem a fair solution for the moment.

The Grados (SR80) I tried were undoubtedly the best of the bunch but not much use for the office environment I need them for.