safe to use this with ipod?


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Hey all, I've got a 5th Gen 30GB iPod Video with a Limited Special Edition iSkin eVo3, and I wanted to mount it on my 02 Acura TL-S.

I didnt like any of these aftermarket adapters, cause they're too bulky and dont look good.

I wanted something sleek, and something that wouldnt block the port on the bottom of the iPod, so I found this:

now since its a magnet, will this have any effects on the iPod's hard drive or any other capabilites?

If so, is there anything else that you could recommend me that is VERY similar to the above item, but is not a magnet?



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actually, the magent is kinda strong, cause my cousin has one for his treo phone, and it holds it quite well.

I really dont wanna risk breaking my ipod, but I also dont wanna go with any other option cause they are all bulky.

Now since im using an iSkin, isnt that enough ofa shield to protect the ipod from the magnet?

anyways, i'd really appreciate it if somebody who is knowledgable with this could help me out.