Real Battery charger for Old/New Ipod Aval now!


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Sorry to post this twice but...

Check this out.... you vcan even make it yourself!!!

This product allows you to either run your iPod off eight 'AA' batteries, or to charge your iPod battery from the batteries. When the iPod External Charger is connected to your iPod, the iPod treats the iPod External Charger just as it would your FireWire wall plug adapter. Changing the batteries in an iPod External Charger is just as easy as changing the batteries in your TV remote control!

Feel free to contact me through any of the above channels for information about purchasing a hand-built External iPod Charger with case. I hand build the chargers using the finest materials (including gold-plated FireWire cables), soldering all the connections, and using the highest-grade heat tubing to seal everything. The unit price is $38.50 including shipping (inside the Continental U.S.) and order tracking (case included; batteries not included). International customers please email me for shipping and payment instructions. May ship USPS or UPS. Thank you.

Ordering Instructions: Simply select your desired iPod External Charger case color and click the 'Buy Now' button!

Current Case Colors: blueberry, raspberry, tangerine, snow, graphite - (view all colors together)
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