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Problems with Repair Company M Blue Ltd


New member
Avoid Mblue.Ltd rip off website

Repair and return your devices in 3 days forget it it's all a lie, don't even think about paying them any money with promises that they will make the necessary repairs immediately and send them out the next day coz they just won't and then totally deny saying anything of the sort. In the process of demanding the money they deceived out of me. If you have fell victim to this company then please write something on here to help stop them making their money out of people like myself and report them to actiionfraud.police.uk


New member
Avoid like a dose of the clap!

These guys are pure cowboys plain and simple. I had an ipad 2 repaired there and the quality of the repair is shocking! The black bevel was left missing in places meaning the screen doesn't stay seated. There is movement in the screen and a dead zone at the top. Apparently replacing the screen literally means the screen! Forget the parts that hold it in!!! "They were already broke and are not included in the repair", " Ok how about the deadzone on the screen?" No reply... It took over one month to be returned to us in the first place, which I believe is an intentional policy as you then can't make a Paypal claim. We are a company also so I'm afraid they have messed with the wrong people this time! I have our insurance company conducting a trading standards claim against them and we are filing a county court claim against them on the 13/1/14.

Please anyone who also has evidence of their issues email it to us orchardpost com

We will do our best to get these guys closed down, hopefully some of you will get your money back!



New member
Contact BBC's Watchdog and Rogue Traders

Hey everyone,

A friend of mine is a producer at Rogue Traders at the BBC, if you all send your stories to [email protected] they are going to start a story. Apparently they already have over a hundred complaints!!!


New member
So annoyed with myself that i did no research before sending my IPAD to them, 3 weeks and only now they are going to return it UNREPAIRED as they say they can't get the parts... complete cowboys... AVOID


New member
M blue ltd

I have had the same issues with this company. I sent my I phone 5 to them on 3/1/14 for water damage repair and I am still awaiting its return.
I have contacted them each week to be told that they are either waiting for spare parts, waiting for a technician to review it or just last week, that they have returned it by special delivery.
They refuse to let me speak either to a technician or a manager.
I have requested my money back for the delay but they apparently will only reply via an e mail. Fat chance!
I have passed this on to trading standards , HMRC , and will contact watchdog.
They need to be caught and shown to be a scam.


New member
Lets close this company down once and for all

Hello everyone, I have literally read every single post on this forum regarding everyone's past experience with M Blue. I think we should form a group to stop them once and for all. I do not mind paying them a direct visit too, I just would like a group of people that can relate for a bigger impact.

It all started with my HTC One X+ i sent it in for a simple screen replacement. Other than that, the phone WAS in great condition. It had never been opened or had any problems, so it had full HTC warranty. Now me being cheap and listening to others about not going to HTC direct because "it would cost more than the phones value bla bla" I thought I would try this company out, as I went from htcphonerepairs.co.uk not M Blue. After calling them, they sounded like a good company that know what they are talking about, they mentioned the whole 3-5 working days, 90 day warranty etc - luckily I payed through PayPal and not direct over the phone. After all that, I came across this forum and some other reviews, so to be safe I took photos of my phone before sending it and how I packaged it. (wish I just got my money back there and then.)

So eventually the phone was sent off, took over 7 working days and I got it back after plenty of calls and requests. Wow. As soon as I opened the bubble wrap, all my catches is a hole in the camera lens. First I thought, hmm I must be seeing things..so I google'd the image and looked at my before photos and was right! The camera lens was MISSING. I thought that was bad till I turned the phone on, the screen was TERRIBLE, like every time I tap it, the screen would wave and go greenish. The light guides on the phone were not fitted properly, the led lights were leaking out the casing, the phone was greasy, it was just a mess! First thing I did, was call the company.

They said this is the never the case bla bla, "we are shocked that this has happened." Yeah right! So they said to send the phone back to them and after "reviewing it" they will reimburse my postage fee and rectify the fault too. Oh and apparently I would be priority, so they would resolve it as quick as they can for me.

So like after a week later, I never heard nothing from them, so I called them, they put me on hold for about nearly ten minutes (making up a cover story of course) and then got back to me saying, the technician's apparently noted that the camera lens was already missing, which is funny that they never mentioned it the first time. But my point is, I know the camera lens was not missing because I took photos of my phone before sending it, and my phone had never been opened before, so for it to have "fallen out" the phone would have had to be open. Anyway then he goes on to say, the screen is now fixed but they have put a ONE X screen on, which means the LED lights are a total different colour to the rest of the phones accents. Which is why I got the phone in the first place! Because it's red!! And apparently I did not "specify" which colour I wanted. When you can only get the HTC ONE X+ in one colour. I said to them, that is like changing the screen on a iPhone 4s with the iPhone4. They turned around and said "yeah we do."
So yeah it's been about six weeks now, with no phone, and because I opened a dispute on PayPal they refuse to talk to me on the phone and Just in "writing" which they yet do not REPLY. I spoke to all of them btw, Alex, Simon, Mark, Reece you name it. I have most of my calls recorded, and have pictures of before sending it, after receiving it. So now I just need a good team that can relate to my situation, so we can as a group escalate this to the trading standards, watchdog, police who ever. Just as long as we can shut this cowboy company down, to stop other people from becoming victims too. My phone number is 07769798929. So please drop me a text or call, and let's get something organised!

Many thanks,



New member
M Blue Ltd. needs shutting down

I've just received a phone back after they've had it for over a month and it's not my phone they sent back. The letter states my phones unrepairable, blah blah blah.
M Blue Ltd. Isn't even the name of the company I sent my phone off too it was Samsung repairs, so they aren't even working under the name M Blue Ltd. The name M Blue Ltd. Was the name on the paper they sent back with this broken phone.
Something should really be done about this company.


New member
Keep away from m blue ltd

I sent my SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 to this company thinking they were repairers for Samsung, it wasn't until I had committed myself that I realised they were an independent company. However, I ticked the box saying the charging port was faulty and paid my money, (this I had to do in advance in order to continue further). I did not see anything that said even if the phone could not be fixed I would lose my money.
Anyway it was on Monday I received a phone call from them telling me that my phone could not be mended. When I asked for my money back I was told that I could not have my £39.99 back because their repair guy had already spent too long trying to fix it and actually had tried 2 other ports and still couldn't get it to work and they had actually lost money on it and, because my phone now had one of their charging ports soldered on to it, that had to be paid for too?? If I want to replace my phone I will need to pay 100s of pounds!!
Now my phone was in perfect working order when I sent it to them, except for having a dodgy charging port, so when he said that the phone was completely dead and wouldn't turn on even with a full battery I knew that they had broken it. 'So what happens now?' I asked, shocked at what they had just told me. He suggested that because it is a dead phone I should sell it on ebay for spares!
I am still waiting for them to return the phone. I have emailed them saying that if I don't get my money back within 7 days I shall report them to the National Ombudsman UK - I am still looking forward to their reply, but having read all these reviews ... I shan't hold my breath!


New member
Add me to the list of ripped of mugs.
6 weeks, no phone, no replies to contact, just total frustration.

they have my £250 phone + £40 for repair and i have nothing but anger at trying to live without a phone for this long.

M blue Ltd have one a small claims court from me, they must not continue.


New member
Total d*cks.

I attempted to replace my cracked screen a couple of weeks ago, but only caused two new faults to the phone. I was considering sending it to Mblue, just to repair these new faults and re-glue the lcd display, as it was coming away from the sides of the phone. I talked to them first, they said I should send it in for a diagnostic service, and they would deduct the money I paid for that from the overall price of the repair. Sent it to them, they had a look at it, they got back to me quickly, seemed okay so far. They pretty much just said exactly what I though they'd say, "you only have two faults to the phone." So I asked them to go ahead with the repair, cost me about £39. I also asked them to replace the back casing, which was an additional £39, so they said okay, which then bumped it up to £75. They got back to me a couple of hours later and said they didn't have the color casing for my phone, and that it would take two weeks to get one in stock! So I asked for them to refund the £39 and go ahead with the other repairs. Two weeks later, and having only spoke to them once on the phone since then, I finally received my phone. Charged it up, turned it on, everything seemed fine! They'd re-glued the screen, which I was happy about, but the two faults I asked them to repair were still faulty as hell! To top it off, my camera no longer works, and they'd neglected to fix a strange bright light which had appeared in the corner of my screen, which was there before I sent it off to them, but I assumed it had something to do with the Lcd display, so they'd have a go at sorting it out. I'm still waiting for this refund, but they said my repair had a 3-month warranty, but after reading all of these reviews, and considering the new damage they've done to my device, I've just sucked it up and sent it off to phones4u for repair.

I would definitely not recommend. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad::mad:


New member
My Blue HELL!!!

I too was caught out by these clowns, so please read on......

My daughters HTC8X fell & cracked its face. Not to worry I said I know a shop that can fix it! But, they could not fix it, so I picked it up from the shop after I told them not to put it back together again as it was being sent of for repair...

I went online and found M Blue Ltd, & was totally won over by their magic web site. So I filled in all their little boxes, but, before anything was paid I called to see if they would except it with the back off.

Spoke to Adam, who after I told him of my predicament & how the phone was, he assured me that it was not an issue "as we receive many items in all kinds of conditions". My hero, so we paid & posted it of the saviours that where M Blue Ltd.

There web site said 3-5 working days for it to be fixed. We gave them the time & thought that someone would be in touch, oh how naïve I was. So I called them to see what was going on with the phone.

I spoke to Adam, my saviour, or so I thought, because it was this call that my belief in M Blue fixing the phone was BLOWN totally out of the water.

The Idiot that is Adam, informed me that they tried to call me, but, could not get in touch, so why not email me I said. His reply Er, I will have to go & talk to the engineer, but you said you called so you must have the info to hand! no reply, just wait a minute, silence on the phone. When he did come back, he informed me that the lugs that hold everything in place where slightly out & would need to be sorted so allowing the face of the phone to sit flush. So how long to do this, I asked, it should be done by Monday, Tuesday lunch tops, but, I will call to let you know what is happening.

You can guess what happened, nothing, Tuesday came & went without hearing a thing. So I called them again on Wednesday & spoke the idiot Adam once more. Again told to wait while he spoke to the engineer, then silence. When he came back with a story, he informed me that the back case was twisted & the volume ribbon was broken, & that they would both need replacing at a cost of £100, but, they would do it for £90, I was now somewhat suspicious as to what was happening with the phone. After I calmed down after telling them that their customer care left a lot to be desired, I declined the extra work & told them just to get it sorted & sent back to me. Okay, I will call you by lunch time Friday to let you know what is happening the idiot says...

Nothing, from them at all, so yep you have guessed it I called them, & spoke to the idiot again, who then tells me that he called me yesterday (Thursday)! Er, I don't think so, to which the idiot tried to be clever! He said that not all the parts where sent originally & that now the volume button was missing. So how did you know the volume ribbon was not working & needed to be replaced if the button was missing. If you are going to make up stories & say things then at least try & remember all the other stories told to us in the first place, boy did that back fire on him.

At that point I told him to get it in the post. It will leave Monday, the idiot says, you should get it by Tuesday, Wednesday by the latest, & you will be reimbursed the full amount less £24.00 for work carried out.

Guess what, nothing by Wednesday, so called & yep got the idiot again, who by now when we speak is a burbling wreck & is not sure what to say to me as every time he says something I was just saying but you said this & that to me so what is it! He then says he will call me back & let me know what is going on.

Guess what, I got a call, to tell me it would be sorted & sent back to me. My daughter also received an email from the idiot, informing us of all the stories & I did not understand what I was being told by them. To which she reiterated & concurred with everything I had said.

So the moral to this happy little story is after nearly 4 weeks, no phone, not fixed, no money back & in a worse condition than when it was sent, is to avoid this company like you would someone who has come back from a country with Ebola, & who has red eyes & flu like symptoms.... DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Right off to inform Watchdog now...


New member
Hello - I am reading all this with a sick feeling in my stomach. I have sent m blue my £500 brand new Sony smart phone which unfortunately had a cracked screen. I opted for the one day repair as I need the phone form work. I paid £160 via paypal for the repair. They sent me a mail saying they have received my phone - this was 10 days ago - nothing since. I have sent numerous mails. Have phoned twice and finally spoken to "Adam". i have asked for them to just return my phone as being given rubbish excuses about waiting for parts... however... nothing. no phone, no responses... I get the very strong feeling I will not see my phone or my money again - I have lodged a complaint with paypal but be the sounds of things I won't get my money back.... I am totally gutted... How can I be so stupid.....


New member
County court judgement outcome


Could you provide me feedback as to how the county court judgement went? I am in the process of a county court judgement now and M Blue Ltd have until Monday (5th January) to reply, after which a judgement is made. So far no response from M Blue Ltd and looks like I will win by default. I am just wondering if they know a way around CCJs to avoid paying and hence dont give a crap. Thanks.


New member
www.htcphonerepairs.co.uk still giving shocking service

I wish I had seen this forum before sending my phone to M Blue Ltd, trading as htcphonerepairs.co.uk

I sent my HTC desire with a cracked screen for a 3-5 day repair and after 3 weeks and several emails trying to find out what was going on it was returned.

The repair seemed okay, expept for gouge marks in the plastic where the old screen was removed, but from day 1 there were problems with the SIM not fitting and after 2 weeks the SIM stopped registering, so my phone can no longer be used. The replacement screen then cracked for no apparent reason. I can only assume poor fitting of substandard parts.

Despite stating a 12 month warranty, I was told neither of these things were covered, without even asking to see the phone. This is a terrible company who should be shut down .


New member
Sent HTC 1X for cracked glass repair, everything else was working perfectly. Got it back after chasing almost 3 weeks later (no communication in the meantime). New glass had been fitted, but touchscreen not working, making the phone useless !! Phoned - they confirmed it had been fully tested before shipping which I didn't believe, also the guy on the phone was pretty rude and arrogant.

Wish I'd seen this forum before sending it to them - seems I'm not alone in being ripped off by these guys. After reading all of the reports on this website, have decided not to bother wasting time with them and to go straight to Watchdog with a formal complaint instead. Would not use them again, a surprised they are still in business.


New member
M BLUE gone underground?

Like others I wish I had seen this forum before sending money and iPad to MBlue for repair a month ago.

They are not answering their phone (machine says 'your call is very important to us .....' etc !). And email to [email protected] is getting bounced back. With all the references to County Court judgements, Watchdog, etc, going back 4-5 years, I don't know how they have been allowed to stay in business


New member
Another Sucker Fell for M-Blue

I wont go into full details but have sent phone back three times since June, Has come back and been faulty screen twice. Sent back last time end of August and had confirmation of receipt from M Blue on the 3rd of Sept, today I get an email saying not covered under warranty due to slight water damage on inside of screen and they could fix for an additional £75. A couple of heated telephone conversations with one person telling me it had always been there and Imran saying they were incorrect and was new and warranty void I decided to call Citizend Advice and register a case.

I rceived a call back a litle later to say that as a good will gesture they were willing to meet half way for repair, to which i explained I had given them £150 of my money and would not be parting with 1 penny more, they even want me to pay for return of phone. I would be interested to know if anyone else has had the same water damage excuse and also if using small claims what the outcome was? Imran went on to tell me that he travelled all the way to Glasgow Small Claims to fight for his company and didnt lose. Any updates/similar stories would be appreciated. Im appaled with myself having not reviewed them before using, suckered by a professional website.

Also as a plus point I have saved a voicemail from Imran for another customer on behalf of e-commerce 123, Ill keep that in the Data Protection saved bin :)


New member
Con artists

I wish I'd seen these reviews before I sent my phone to MBLUE LTD. I sent my Sony to them with a cracked screen, the phone still work but had a cracked screen. They took an initial payment of £80 then after receiving the phone went on to ask me for another £80 as they didn't have the parts in stock. After they refused to refund me on this occasion I went ahead and sent them the money. It then took them a month to return my phone to me after I had to ring them multiple time for updates. Every other day they would tell me the phone would be back with me and it wouldn't so I'd ring again and again and again. Only after phone calls would anyone update my account with information. They would never reply to any of my emails either and when they did it would just read as if they'd copy and pasted from previous emails. Absolutely no personal service going on. I've now finally recieved my phone back and it won't turn on. I've shown another repair company what it does when I try and turn it on and seems to think it's an LCD fault probably caused when the phone screen was changed. After reading all these comments about people sending faulty phones back to MBlue and then the customer being blamed for the fault and MBlue taking no responsibility I do not want to send them my phone again. They are refusing to refund me, I have been shouted at down the phone and am left with a phone that does not work.
These people are just con-artists and do not know what they are doing and I would not trust sending anything to them no matter how simple the fix may seem, I'msure MBlue will find a way to complicate it for you.


New member
M Blue.. no customer service DONT USE M BLUE!

I recently had my screen replaced by MBlue, no problem with service but phone doesnt work.. seems as if microphone is not connected as i cant be heard by anyone i call.... contacted Simon who basically said tough... ! Great! paid my money... get a phone back that has more faults on it than when i sent it..!! thank you M Blue!! dont use....