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Problems with Repair Company M Blue Ltd


New member
I am having a bad experience with a repair company named M Blue Ltd, who I paid to replace a cracked broken screen on my IPOD 4th gen, on return of my IPOD I found that both the power buttons and volume buttons were now not working. I return the IPOD back for further investigation to which they informed me that someone else had opened the IPOD and caused the damage not them and thus are refusing to carry out the repair or replace the IPOD. Has any one else experienced a poor service from this company?


New member
Problems with M Blue Ltd

Same sort of story with M Blue. They repaired a cracked screen on my 3G Touch but the home button is now very sensitive, the on/off button takes screen shots instead of switching off (I dare say this is some sort of setting I need to change, but it didn't go off like this). Apps don't always open first time and close unpredictably while in use. Lots of settings have changed.
Everything was fine when I sent it off, it was packed up well and came back well packed. The device is now less usable after repair than before.
They don't want to know about putting this right, claiming it has nothing to do with the screen. It's only just happened, but I won't let go of this.


New member
Had problems with this company last year,long story but i got money i paid for i phone repair back thru credit card company but was left with a phone that was not mine and had been seriously water damaged and was beyond repair.mblue denied any of this and got no help at all from their local trading standards.
I would report them though prehaps if they get enough complaints something will be done about them.


New member
i allso had a problem we all need to stay well clear of m blue firstly told me all the wrong information regarding how long it would take to repair my phone and every time i called the person apolagised for the other person giving me wrong information this happenned on three ocasions the final time was when received a call to tell me my phone was ready and would be posted friday morning and be with you saturday wrong again another mistake and i call on saturday no it will be posted monday sorry you shouldnt have been told that . well phone arrives tuesday open packet and test phone its fixed great , oops slight problem crack in back cover and two screws missing that hold the phone together brilliant i call the company and they accept no responsibility deny all possibilities that it was them i can only say to anybody reading this i know and care for my i phone it had no damage what so ever when i sent it and the screws well they were definately there when it went they are cowboys of the first degree and if you value your i phone go somewhere else and as for the manager well words cannot even describe this one arrogant and exactly as i imagined after reading someone elses complaint BE WARNED thanks mike


New member
M blue ltd... Do not use!

Same here!
I sent my phone in over a month ago to have a cracked screen replaced. They sent it back with a new screen, but the light up display and speaker did not work which rendered my phone USELESS! I demanded that they take my phone back and fix it. I had to call them over and over again to make sure they were working on it, and I was told repeatedly that my phone has "water damage" and that it must be something I did and and they were planning to call me, and I was "on the list to be contacted"!!!
I am currently in the process of making an official complaint through Trading Standards and STILL trying to get my phone back after 5 WEEKS without it!!

God speed to anyone who uses this company!


New member
I have reported this company to Trading Standards.
They have done the exact same thing to me, and blamed me for Water Damage my phone came back to me with... utterly useless thieving company!


New member
m blue

i have read your replies guys and think its time m blue got reported we all need to call trading standards its ridiculous that they should get away with this, i have allso noticed since my last post that my back cover that they sent back to me cracked isnt in fact my cover as some of the apple had worn off of mine but this cracked case has a perfect rear apple logo, this is strange to say the least im calling trading standards tomorow .


New member
Same sort of thing with a Nintendo DS

Sorry title should read PS3 not nintendo DS

Not an ipod or phone I know but this company does gaming consoles too. I send my ps3 off to them as it was not reading discs – so basic laser replacement. First off when I got the machine beck there were deep scratches in the top and a crack in the casing then when I put a disc in the machine it made a n awful crunching noise. After 3 attempt at ejecting my new Blck Opps dics came out totally scratched to bits. I returned the unit to M Blue Ltd only to be told I was at fault and must have dropped the machine. They refused to return it to me without me paying for return P&P and were quite rude in the emails sent to me. After 2 weeks I got the machine back covered in dust and what appears to have been some stick dried liquid like pop. I took the unit down to a guy who repairs gaming machine locally. He says there were screws that hold the laser track in place had not been used and were missing which had caused the laser to come off its rails. He think this was a deliberate error as the machine can work like this for a while but eventually the laser is bound to come off the tracks – he guessed in my case this happened in transit while being returned to me from M Blue Ltd. He also thought the laser used was not a new one but from another machine. He fitted me a new laser and corrected their mess, put me a clean second-hand case on it, did it in 2 days and charged me £15.00 less than they did – they every repaired my scratch Black Opps FOC. I will never use or recommend a M Blue Ltd company ever again and I would say buyer beware when think of sending good off for repair to any ‘ post it to us company’! find someone you can deal with face to face!
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New member
SAME... arghh. they have had my phone for almost 4 weeks after the original repair for a cracked screen. although it was cracked it did work. Now the company have gave me a list of things that needs doing (at an extra cost of course) i just want my phone back working as I originally paid for. A call to trading standards i think is a must for sure. Glad I used my credit card to pay, but the bank have just called to say my card has been cloned so that refund wil not be quick in coming either... it is not just getting the money back but what about the value of the actual phone? I have just had a quick investigate and M Blue Ltd run several companies under the same trading name. I think the original site i used for mine was Iphonerepairs.


New member
Yeap exact same as all above.. my phone finally sent back to me today and it is so much worse than before. The screen is all burred and faded utterly useless. I am straight in th phone to Trading standards.. i am not letting this oe go how dare they... everyone is pulling the purse string and quite simply cannot afford to be ripped off... We really really needed this phone.. so so cross. M Blue Ltd need reporting by all. :mad:


New member
m blue ltd

Do not use M Blue ltd .
I sent my iPhone 4s for a screen replacement but then received a call from them stating one of the volume buttons needs replacing. This was going to cost £30 , rubbish ! My phone was in perfect working order before M Blue ltd touched it!!!

BE WARNED !!!!!!!!


New member
Hi guys, new on here, just wanted to say, i am currentlyhaving issues with mblue, sent my htc sensation for lcd screen repair, got a sensation back saturday morning which was my shell as i recognise the scratches but, when i put in my sim card it said network sim lock passcode required?? phoned them and they denied it was anything to do with them??, i managed to get a local guy to unlock my phone and to my surprise the phone was locked because it was an O2 network phone( my phone is t-mobile and always has been) and there were someone elses contacts and messages on the phone?????!!!!, i also dialled *#06# to find the phones unique IMEI no.,and low and behold the no. is a different one to the one printed on my original casing, so phoned them again and was still told it was nothing to do with them, also the mic which they repaired for me a few months prior wasn't working on this phone!!, they told me to email them with the complaint i felt i needed to!:mad:,so basically I have someone elses phone THAT I STILL CANT USE !!! i'm very frustrated and after seeing these posts will definatley be lodging a complaint with trading standards and urge everyone to do the same, cos this company is rotten!!:mad::mad::mad::mad:


New member
Oh my god what a rip off, i sent my iphone in for a new screen they said that something else was wrong and it would be extra 30 pound they sent it back it worked for a day then went blank i sent it again they said it was ok and said they wanted another 12 pound to send it off again i got it back it worked for a day now its dead but i will take it else where DO NOT SEND YOUR PHONE TO THIS RIP OFF COMPANY someone out there needs to shut this place down they should not be allowed to do business


New member
M-Blue Mobile Phone Repairs - DO NOT SEND YOUR PHONE TO THEM!

I sent two iPhone 3GS's to this company on two separate occasions for screen repairs. When the first one arrived back with us, the screen was repaired but the phone kept switching itself off, not a problem that it had prior to being sent to M-Blue. We returned it to M Blue who said there was nothing wrong with it and they returned it to us. It has not been used since as it is an unreliable phone and therefore useless to us.

Giving them the benefit of the doubt, I then sent another iPhone 3GS to them for screen repair. When this one was returned we were unable to hear anything on it at all. When we queried this, we were asked to send it back and then told that we would have to pay for a new ear piece to be fitted, which we did. It had, however, been working perfectly well when we sent it off for the screen repair. The ear piece was replaced and the phone returned to us where it very quickly - half an hour - developed a white screen. It was once again sent back to M-Blue together with the original i-Phone that still was not working, as we were by this time beginning to think that something was not quite right!

I have spoken to someone in authority at M-Blue this morning. He is adamant that the problems with the phones are not attributable to his company. He tells me that the first i-Phone has been on test for six days and is yet to switch off - we will see - and that the second iPhone must have been "knocked or dropped" by us upon receipt as it now requires a new LCD screen which they will be happy to do (at a further charge)! I told him to send them both back to us and to do nothing more. I will send them to the reputable company in London that I used prior to deciding at the end of last year to give our business to a local company.

M-Blue even suggested to my colleague this week that Royal Mail could be responsible for damaging the phones, despite the fact that they have always been either boxed or very carefully and substantially wrapped in bubble wrap. We have also spent a lot of money on sending the phones backwards and forwards by Special Delivery!

M-Blue's attitude is that they are blameless. I told them about the reviews that I had seen on this forum and they simply replied that I should read the reviews at another review site as there are many glowing reviews about them on there. Having searched I could find only three and one of them said "Avoid at all costs". Needless to say there is now another one on there in a similar vein to this one! In fact, the representative that I spoke to this morning seemed far more concerned that one of my disgruntled colleagues had approached their MD in a petrol station (recognised by his private plate) to express concerns at their so-called repairs!

I now intend reporting them to Trading Standards. If enough people do so then something will stick, and they clearly need investigating.


New member
Terrible service. Recommend not to use this company.

First they took over a month to supposedly repair a broken ipad glass screen and this they did only because I called every few days to chase them up.

Then they claimed they have sent my ipad back and it has been signed for and delivered when in fact I have received nothing! Further calls and they are telling me to check with my local post office when they are the ones who are supposed to present proof of delivery.

Any advice on what to do?


New member
No Problem with Repair Company M Blue Ltd

Really sorry to have to disagree, but I posted my 3GS to M Blue last Wednesday for a screen/LCD/back cover repair and got it back on Saturday morning looking and working like new. I really can't fault them.

I tried an online repair firm for the same thing last November (one claiming to be the UK's best iPhone repair co) and they sat on my phone for 3 WEEKS and fobbed me off with no end of excuses for the delay. They wouldn't even refund the postage I'd spent sending my phone to them in the first place.

I was really apprehensive about trying another repair co so I phoned M Blue to make sure they had the parts in stock first. They confirmed they had and the repairs were done within 48 hours.


New member
M blue i phone repairs beware

I have also had a rotten experience with this company.
They messed up my wifes I phone told us to return it.
Now they say there is nothing wrong with it and demand £12-5- to return it.
I am Taking them to County Court Now


Andy M

New member
Do not listen to the negative reviews of M Blue Ltd

I have used M Blue on 3 occasions over the last 2 years.

1. To repair my sons Nintendo DS
2. To put a new case on my sons Nintendo DS after he broke the hinge
3. Last week they replaced the screen on my daughters iPod Touch

On each occasion I was very happy with the service - you can see my comments regarding the repair to the iPod Touch on freeindex.co.uk

I suspect that many of the negative posts on this forum are posted by competitors. As mentioned above I have used them 3 times and each time the service was excellent.


New member
Same thing

I sent a water damaged iPhone 4 in white to them only 2 months old it was mint. After two weeks and no news I phoned them and was told it couldn't be repaired so they sent it back to me. The phone I got back was not the same phone. The insides of the phone had come from a black iPhone and the white coatin under the glass was scratched. There were also screwes missing. I phoned them up they denied everything and said their is nothing that I or they could do about it I can not warn people away from this company enough. I ended up selling mine on eBay for £60 and paying £500 for a new one at the three store. They are 200 miles from where I live but I was ready to go down there and face them in person over it I have never been so angry in my life. They need reporting!!!


New member
Horrendous Company & Service

Sent my Blackberry off with a charger port problem which is simple enough to fix, aside from the port the phone was working perfectly.
Sent it away to M Blue and after 3 days received an email telling me that the was an issue with the key pad and tracking ball and they could fix it for an extra £30. After two phone calls and some heated discussions explaining that my phones keypad had been fine and they clearly broke it while 'fixing' it I got my phone back.

I have taken it to another repair shop and sent them the bill along with a solicitors letter demanding they pay for the keypad repairs. Still awaiting a response.

Do not use this company.