Problems with Jan "upgrade" YouTube, Stocks and Weather apps


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I was pleased that Apple unlocked some of the iPhone apps for the Touch albeit with a $20 "key" but have been having lots of trouble getting the full functionality of the new apps to work on my home network. I have a wireless network operating via Linksys A+G wireless router connecting to the internet via a DSL modem (my ISP is through AT&T, formerly SBC, which utilizes PPoE). My wireless is password protected via WEP and by entering the hexidecimal key, I can access the internet with my Touch through Safari and some parts of the new apps.

I've read exhaustively through the forums and did a search but have not yet seen anything that relates to my problems with the new apps and was hoping someone here could provide some help.

Basically, although I am able to connect to the internet (I am able to download maps, directions, etc. from Google Maps and Google Maps will perform WAP location, and I can surf with Safari), the YouTube application will not connect (message states "cannot connect to YouTube).

In addition, on both the Weather application as well as the Stocks application, the "Search" button does not seem to function. The Weather application will not allow me to enter any new cities because the "Search" button does not work, and I cannot look up any stock symbols as well. When I am typing in the letters to add a city into the Weather application, the "ticking clock" symbol shows that there is some activity going on and the banner at the top of the screen that normally states "Type the City, State or ZIP code:" states "Validating..." with each additional letter input. Since nothing happens when I press the "Search" button, if I press the "Cancel" button next to the Add Location banner, I am returned to the "Weather" screen and of course there are no cities listed (I originally removed the default "Cupertino" as I don't particularly care what the weather is like in Cupertino).

Its interesting to me that the "Search" button also does not work for me in the Stocks application as well.

Also, although all the other computers and wireless printers on my home wireless network work with stability and can consistently access the internet, my iPod Touch will sometimes report that it is "not able to connect to the server". I thought that this might be the source of the problem but the "Search" buttons do not work even when the iPod Touch is able to access other sites via Safari.

Per other posts, I have tried setting the Wireless Router to "G" band only, temporarily disabled the WEP encryption, etc to see if any of this made any difference in the way the iPod Touch responded to no avail.

I suspect that my problem may be 1) related to problems between the way my ISP handles packets vs how the mobile versions of YouTube, Stocks and Weather needs the data, or 2) problems in the downloading of the apps onto the Touch, or 3) problems with the host site for the Weather and Stocks applications. I am currently at a loss as to how to solve this problem and could sure use some of your helpful expertise.

I have not had the occasion to try the Touch with any other open, unprotected hot spot to see if this problem is specific to the way in which my home WAP is configured. However, the point is for me to be able to access these things at home as well as occasionally on the road. Also, I know that one solution may be to jailbreak my Touch and go that route, however, as I really do not wish to do so as I would be happy with these limited iPhone apps (if they would work) and do not wish to have to wait for a new jailbreak version each time a new OS version comes out, and go through all the reverting to the old OS prior to updating again (thus my Touch has never been "jailbroken?".

As usual, TIA for all your help and advise.


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Jan Upgrade Has Done the Following to my iTouch 3G

If I am using a Manual Proxy Server to access different countries:
1. No YouTube
2. Can't add Cities to Weather

If I turn off Proxy, all is well with YouTube.

Anyone know why YouTube is sensitive to this? Maybe it's a clue to your ailments.

I am going to restore my firmware to original state and see what happens.