Playback of iTunes books on a non compatible device


New member
I have a 2014 Honda Goldwing that has an audio system that is compatible with iPods/iTunes. It also permits mp3 files. I purchased a book from iTunes only to discover that Honda chose to limit playback to music.:mad: I cannot select books as a category.

What I can I do to play the book so that the book plays just like iPods where it picks up where I left off the next time I listen to it.


Staff member
If you are using an actual iPod to playback, then setting the Media Kind from Audiobook to Music will move the tracks to the Music section.

Then using the option to remember playback position and skip on shuffle will make an iPod treat it like an audiobook.

If you are using the Honda to playback, you probably can't get it to do the remember the playback position as that seems to be an Apple only feature.