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Opaque file details, jpg extracted from Live Photo while attaching


New member
I am getting familiar with a new iPhone SE, and finding that the default is for photos to be Live Photos. The following site describes how to convert them to still photos. I haven't decided to join the cloud storage or sharing of files, and my practice has also been to use webmail (gmail) rather than syncing a local mail client to a mail server account (in the cloud). So I decided to mail myself a Live Photo, which has been described as a container for a *.jpg and a *.mov file. It seems that the file attachment process for google's webmail extracts only the *.jpg file for attachment. To test this, I followed this procedure to create a still photo version of the Live Photo: Duplicating a Photo in the iOS Photos app | iLounge Tips. Both photos attached as "IMG_0009.JPG", and they were both just over 2MG, though not exactly identical in size. I'm not aware of any native way to see what the actual file names for the two photographs, nor to see their file sizes prior to attachment to the email. I'm quite unaccustomed to this opaqueness in the file details, but be that as it may. As handicapping as this is, I'm not ready yet to start installing apps just to see those details.

I was wondering if more seasoned iPhone owners can confirm that there is no native way to get at the file details, and that attaching Live Photos to emails results in extraction and attachment of the *.jpg portion of the Live Photo?