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Not missing the logout button am I?


New member
I've searched high and low, but do not see a logout button, so I am assuming just closing out the browser signs you out?

Being new here and having posted just from work so far, I've not tried to log in from home yet, so I didn't know if I'd get a message saying I'm already logged in.

I'm so used to logging out of everything else from banks to other message boards, it feels odd not to officially log out of here! :D



Active member
Bottom of the main index page just below and to the right of the Forum Stats bar...


New member
Bottom of the main index page just below and to the right of the Forum Stats bar...
Given that this thread is 7-1/2 years old, and that I can't find a Main Index page let alone a Forum Stats bar, I assume that the site has been redesigned (probably several times) since this was posted, so apparently the question needs to be asked again: How do I log out from here?


Staff member
The main index page: http://forums.ilounge.com/ and if you scroll down below the stats, the bottom right has the logout button.

We discussed this again in another thread a few years back, and asked for some better placed log out buttons that can be found easily, but the priority on updating this site is quite low, so no changes have been made. The one that I described above is the only logout button I can remember finding. So we're kind of stuck with it.


New member
Ok, for the benefit of others reading this another 7-1/2 years from now, what you're talking about is actually just a text link saying (in my case) "Log Out soubeagi". (I was expecting something that looked more like an actual button.)