New touch and some questions


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I just got a new touch after many clickwheel iPods, and so far I like it a great deal.

I do have a few questions.

Do Applications back up information? If I had an App that had a database or list of some sort, and had to restore my touch, would that info reload when the App is put back on the touch?

Does other info, such as mail accounts, back up anywhere? So if I restore the touch, will I have to reenter the account info to relink to my mail clients, or will it come back when I reload?

I got the 8gb, and manage with Smart Playlists pretty well. However, I can see the benefit of the 16gb. If I decided to return it to the Apple store after having been used, will I be able to exchange?
I think if it's within 14 days you can return it, so you could exchange.

I'm not sure about your other questions, so I won't answer. I've only restored once, when I gave my sister my 16gb and got the 32gb for myself.

Since it restores to factory settings, I would think you would have to relink your mail clients.

As for the apps, I don't know where that info is stored.
Whenever you connect your Touch and sync it to iTunes, it will backup any purchases made from the Touch, setting changes you've made, as well as any data from apps, mail, etc. Even in manual mode you can initiate a backup by pressing the "Sync" button. If you ever do restore, you'll be prompted to restore the Touch from the last backup you did, in which case everything will be as it was before the restore. You can also restore it as a new unit with all factory defaults and no media or data.

If you're returning an 8 for a 16, expect to pay a re-stocking fee.

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We had to return my son's ipod because the sound only worked in one earphone. One of the things we didn't realize was that with games...for example if you are on a certain level all of that is lost and you start the game at the very start. Not a big deal but a bit disappointing for my son initially. So those types of settings are not saved.