New nano - telling me to upgrade Itunes..


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It says "The iPod "IPOD" cannot be used because it requires iTunes version 12.2 or later.

I've been using 10.7 since 10.7 came out and the upgrades have taken away some features I enjoy. Is there a work around for this? Can I somehow have both versions running? I'm using Windows if that matters at all.


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No. You can't sync with a new hardware without new iTunes.

About the only work around I can think of is:
Have version 10.7 installer somewhere on your local system
Make your updates to playlists on version 10.7
Close iTunes and upgrade to the latest (12.3+)
Open iTunes and Sync the iPod
Close iTunes
Uninstall the Latest iTunes
Install iTunes 10.7
Copy your old library file from Previous iTunes Libraries to iTunes (it will have the newest date, which needs to be removed)
Open iTunes 10.7