New ipod 7th gen. problem


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I already have two 4th generation units and both operate well.
However my new 7th generation model is causing me a little confusion regarding the artists list in the music section.
On the 4th gen. selecting the artist list, then a particular artist, a list is shown at the top you are offered all songs, then below individual album songs.
On the 7th gen. after selecting the artist I only get offered one song although there are more tunes by that artist, I have to find these by going into songs.
All three units are sync with the same tunes, I am beginning to wish I had not updated.
Can anyone advice me please.


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You should see a list of all the songs by that artist on the device.

Syncing 2 different devices can get different results if they are using any sort of "Fill my remaining space with random tracks" feature. But I doubt you are doing this.

I would guess that you are syncing specific playlists so the songs on each device should be the same.

The typical "fix" for odd behavior is the Reset, Restart (power it down, power it up), Restore

I would try those first. Sync again to be sure everything was copied. While connected to iTunes, click on the iPod, then the Music section in the iPod. Use Song view (upper right to change) and sort by artist to see if the tracks are there under the artist.

If not, check your iTunes to be sure those songs are there under the artist.
If they are, then I suspect that they are MP3 files without the correct data written to them. In iTunes select the files, right click 1, choose Convert ID3, pick version 2.3 and click OK. This will write out the iTunes Library information to the MP3 files. Sync again, though you will have to remove the songs and add them again.

Now see if they are there.


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The Convert ID3 command has moved.

You can select MP3 files that have the correct Get Info window information in iTunes.
Then click File->Convert->Convert ID3 Tags...
Check and Choose v2.3
Click OK

This will write out all the iTunes Get Info information to the MP3 file ID3 tags.