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Welcome to the new iPodlounge Forums.
Please read the new iPodlounge Forum Policy before you post.

Forum Tips
Please take a few minutes to read the iPodlounge Forum Tips - they have been posted to help you find what you want to know, quickly and easily.

With so many new iPod owners joining for the first time a lot of your questions have already been answered, either here or at the old forums, or in the iPodlounge FAQs.

Old iPodlounge Forum.
There is a wealth of information posted over on the old forum and it is easy to search for. Please search the old forum before you post a message.

Posts which appear to have been made before the user has checked the new and old forums and the FAQs for the answer, or which violate the iPodlounge Forums Guidelines may be locked.

Posts which belong in another category may be moved.

Thank you, and happy posting!
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