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Needed: PC App for controlling ipod via usb


New member
Hi all, I`m new to the forum.
It`s a lot of time I`m struggling searching for a windows program to control Ipod, I`ve searched in many web pages, forum and what else but the only results I get are about copyng in/out files from ipod and not what I need.
I try to explain better, in my workplace I have the possibility of listen to music while working and I would connect my ipod classic via usb to my computer and manage it with that, I`m searching an app that works as an "interface" to just reproduce the music on the ipod because I want the play counter to stay updated and I don`t want to move my itunes library to my office pc. Using it with an aux it`s very unhandy while working at the pc.
Something that acts like an autoradio, for example in my car I had a kenwood stereo with Ipod control, I can connect it with usb and with a button choose if manage it via stereo controls or via ipod, I can browse as it is my itunes library and the play counts is working as well.
I can`t understand why i can`t find the way to do the same with a computer.

Hope someone in here can help me, thank you


Staff member
I just used the iPod directly with headphones and synced with my home PC to get the updates to my main library.

If you can install iTunes on the work PC, you can use Edit->Preferences go to the Device section and check Prevent iPods, iPhones and iPads from Syncing Automatically, then click OK. Plug your iPod into your work PC, select it in iTunes and click on the Music section of the iPod or a playlist and listen through that PC.