Need help identifying my problem! :(


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My cousin has recently bought a 30gb iPod video. She called me and said that her iPod worked fine when she opened it at first, but after connecting it to her computer for the first time it just stopped working.

I went to see what she was talking about, and found the iPod was hot. I imediatly disconnected it from the USB and it really didn't turn on, no matter what I did.

So I tried (like an idiot) to connect my iPod (60gb video) to the same USB port (which was on the front side of the computer) and nothing happend, the computer didn't recognized it either.

Now here's the thing: When I disconnected it from the USB, it didn't turn on either! I then tried connecting it to the a different USB port in her computer, which is on the mainboard, in the back, and it did work.

Ever since that, my battery is going crazy. The symptoms are:

1. After disconnecting the iPod from the computer, the charge icon on the battery still shows for some time before it dissappears.

2. The battery status changes sometimes. Afetr charging it for the night, it goes turn red after about 4 songs. Then later it suddenly goes back to 3/4 full, etc.

I believe that the front USB of my cousin's computer is faulty and sent too much voltage or Amper or whatever to the iPod, thus ruining my cousin's (which was plugged for a couple of hours) and messed with the battery of my iPod (which was plugged for about 20 seconds).

Does anyone know anything about this kind of thing and can shed some light? And if I am correct in my assumption, what can I do to fix it?

Thanks in advance.


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I have a DELL computer with both front and back USB ports. When connected to the front USB port, my IPOD does not charge and sometimes gets the dreaded "Corrupt File" errors. As soon as I moved my USB connector to the rear ports all works fine.

I would say that you are probably right in your assessment. The front ports may be faulty.