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Must have iphone apps!

Ken Wu

New member
Evernote: I use Evernote to synchronize notes of all kinds, such as voice memos, pictures and PDF files. The app is amazing, all the notes are not only accessible from Evernote applications and website, but also highly searchable and tagable. The newly design Evernote for iOS 7 improved the navigation function of this app, which enables app users to access recent notes, tags, shortcuts quickly. I will refer to Evernote, every time when I want to take a note or search for documents that I need. I put Evernote in my dock and it has become one of the most popular apps in my IPhone.

Dropbox: Dropbox probably is the app that I use every day in my iPhone. I love this app, because it is a great tool for sharing files with both yourself and your collaborators without having to type in your password every time when you login. In addition, you can share various kinds of documents, including files, videos, music etc. to anyone around the world who got an Internet. Moreover, you can access your files almost in any platform, such as Mac, windows & Android, which make your work easy and comfortable.

MoWeather: MoWeather is my iphone app of the year. MoWeather is both pretty and functional. The app background is not only beautiful but also animated, which I believe is much better than Yahoo Weather. The 15-day-forecast could help people plan their holidays or business traveling a lot easier. In addition, the real-time photos shared by people around the world could also provide timely weather condition in those places. As a result, this has changed the way that people using a weather app, which makes this app more popular.

Google Maps Google Maps is among the top three apps in my iphone. Due to the inaccuracy data of Apple’s own map application, I use Google Maps quite often when I am on holiday or away from home. Google Maps is much better than other mapping applications when it comes to driving directions and local business search. Besides, the turn-by-turn directions in real time will make you driving much easier. In addition, the cleaner interface of google maps provides the enough information for drivers, which make it an easy-to-ready map.


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I prefer Box over Dropbox. Dropbox looks nicer, but Box just is better. I do a lot of iPhone Photoshop. So 2 apps I like are Superimpose and Facetune. There's so many great apps, it's hard to just pick a few.

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If you like customization, try BeWeather 2 for weather and Super Calendar for a really neat calendar. Both these apps offer a great deal of customization. You can add images to Super Calendar. Like this:
Well, I think it's kind of cool.

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For a calendar replacement I like Sunrise. It talks to other apps and accounts like Facebook, Google, Evernote, iCloud, Wanderlust, LinkedIn, Twitter, the IOS Reminder app, and so on to bring everything together in one place netter than any of the other 3 or 4 calendar apps I've tried.


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Hey Ken,

Thanks a lot for your good suggestion, I do agree that apps like "Evernote, Dropbox, Moweather" are must for iPhone as are so useful in daily basis.


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Good choice, dude! Besides those you've mentioned I would add GoogleDrive cause I always need excess to my files, Instagram (just for killing time) and finally ArkMC (cool streaming app that allows streaming any king of files like audio, video and images). just make sure that the device you are going to stream it supports DLNA/UpnP technologies. And Viber, of course!