Music, Playlists, & Hondas


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I have a 2009 Honda with an Ipod interface. With my 3rd gen Nano I could play songs from the main MUSIC category and other podcasts and audiobooks that were in Playlists were ignored and not played. Great for turning on the shuffle and listening to music.
When I hook up the new Nano 5th generation in the Honda and hit shuffle everything on the Nano is played - chapter 5 of the audio book, a podcast, a song, and so on.
I've tried un-checking items but my newest Nano does not respect the boundaries between the different playlists.
This is most likely do to some weird way Honda made their interface but curious if anyone else has run into this.


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Check the settings for your audiobook in iTunes. Select the Options tab in the Get Info window of the and ensure the "Skip when shuffling" option is checked. These should be checked by default if they are proper podcasts and audiobooks though.

You may want to also try Resetting the iPod by holding the center and menu buttons till it restarts to see if it fixes it as well. If all else fails try a full Restore using iTunes, Restore will erase all files off the iPod in the process.