Music App keeps losing my audio book!


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This is difficult to even explain so, hopefully, it will make sense.

I HATE the Music app! I have lots of audio books I've recorded from CDs and that's what I enjoy (along with podcasts).

For whatever reason, it seems like the Music App wants to make this difficult for me. Somehow, I've got one audio book in Music and another one is actually under Audio Books. And, it's the one that's under Audio Books that keeps causing me problems.

So, I'll find my book and start listening. Everything is fine until I stop to do something else and then return to the Music App. I will briefly see the chapter I was playing, but before I can select it to continue playing, it disappears and now I see "album covers" and/or titles of the things I have under "Music." The actual covers will be sitting straight up on the screen, but the titles will be tilted at an angle. I know! It's really weird.

And, no matter what I do, I cannot get back to any kind of menu. If I select one of the covers or the titles, it does take me to the correct book from there (these are all things that under Music), but there's no way to get to audio books and back to what I was originally listening to.

So, I will have to close that screen and get to the list of open apps where I can close Music completely. Then I can start over again and it usually brings up all my menus so I can access audio books again.

What on earth is going on?


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What version of iPhone and IOS are you on?

You can move the "audiobook" to Music if you want, by selecting all the tracks of the book, right click, choose Get Info, go to the Options section and change the Media Kind to Music. You probably want to check (turn on) the remember playback position and skip on shuffle settings while you are there.

Or you can do what I do and put them all in the Audio book section. This automatically gets the Remember Playback position and Skip on Shuffle settings turned on.

You also didn't say if this was a single disc per file or did you combine multiple discs into 1 file.
iDevices have issues with large audiobook files. Anything over 5 hours at Podcast quality will generally fail like you describe. If you use higher quality, then you get less time.