missing chapters


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Using the latest Itunes, I copied a book into my Ipod Classic 7g and was listening to it on a trip to LA. Unfortunately chapters 6-44 were missing. I assumed I did not synch the entire book. I got back and deselected the book to remove it from my ipod. The result was chapters 35-49 still remaining on the ipod. I can't find these chapters anywhere in my library besides the book I deselected. How do I delete these from my ipod ?



Staff member
I would check for these chapters showing up in a smart playlist somewhere. You should be able to right click on the track for Chapter 35 and use the Show in Playlist option to see if it is being picked up by a smart playlists for some reason (chapter title has a similar name as an album).

Alter that playlist to ignore audio books (either by Media Type or by Genre) and it should get removed on the next sync.