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Mac changing wallpaper on each restart


New member

My MBP is changing the wallpaper every time I restart or login. I've set the rotation option to be every day. Is this normal?


Staff member
There has been a long standing issue where a Mac will revert to the default background at start up.

That one is usually fixed by closing Desktop 1 (Ctrl Up Arrow) that is still showing the default background.

What you are saying I think is that the rotation gets updated if you login/reboot in the middle of the day when you said to change it daily. I think this is normal. The computer does not store which picture was displayed each day or what was picked for today. It just opens a picture and displays it. When you log in, it doesn't know that you saw picture x from breakfast until now, so it selects a new picture and shows it to you and won't change it until tomorrow or another reboot / login event.

It seems normal to me.


New member
Thanks for your answer.
The default background isn't displayed apart from being blurred in the background at the login page.
I have the rotation set to my Favourites. I can reboot 3 times in 5 minutes and each time I've got a different wallpaper on the main desktop.
I was assuming the wallpaper would change once a day whether I rebooted or not but from what you said that's not the case.
Thanks for that. I thought I was missing something.