Livin' the Dream Ep. 52 & Intro

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Hello everyone! My name is Graham Zima and I am the founder and manager of Zima Podcasting Network. It is our pleasure to join this forum to interact with the diverse podcasting community that continues to produce exceptional content.

Graham Zima
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A quick search shows there are some episodes associated with this "network".

The main page of the web site is empty, clicking on shows produces nothing.

Finding the direct link to Zima podcasting to the Livin' the Dream produces an error, but there is a search capability, and typing Livin' the Dream finds some of the podcasts. Up to episode 31, no where near episode 52. There is a link in the Google search results for the podcast to subscribe through iTunes.

Searching YouTube with Livin' the Dream Zima finds no Livin' the Dream podcasts.

I am going to leave the post up for now, but I don't think users will find much.