Know of any good, inexpensive speakers?


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Hello. Long-time lurker, first-time poster. Anybody know of any good, inexpensive speakers to attach to the iPod? Sometimes it's easier to listen without the heaphones.....

Thanks, Craig


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Sony srs t55s are nice and they fold up. On ebay about $36 -$38.00. Some like the t77 which are about twice the price.


How portable do they have to be?
Do they have to be battery powered?

The T77 is probably the best portable battery powered speaker, but is quite pricey.

The Z510, Z500 and A205 are all good if you want mains powered speakers, and the latter are really very cheap.


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Bloody Jacko! What a Pratt! When is he ever going to learn. I guess I should cut him some slack, though. He's just a newbie over here.

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