iTunes won't mount my iPad until update.


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I tried to plug in my iPad in order to back it up. However iTunes says it can't mount the iPad without me updating the operating system. (This seems an absolutely ridiculous policy.) Is there a way to override or ignore this? I haven't updated iTunes ( - modified Aug 2018) yet so I don't see how it could be related to iTunes reading the iPad data.

iOS 12 if out but there have been some concerning issues with iMessage in this update so I do not want to update just yet. Regardless, when I am ready to update the operating system I will want to back the iPad up first.

I don't want to store my backups in iCloud.

Does anyone know of a way for me to force iTunes to back up my iPad prior to updating the operating system?



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Older iOS on older iTunes should work. I would unplug it, plug it in and when it asks about the upgrade to iOS 12, tell it cancel.
That should allow the backup.

I think you may be misinterpreting the message. It is probably saying iTunes must be upgraded to support an iOS 12 upgrade.
You will need to be on iTunes 12.9 to upgrade to and sync with iOS12

Also, iTunes does back up the device just before the upgrade. It has to, since the upgrade wipes the device.


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Thanks! Hopefully, you're right. I just quit itunes after hitting cancel on the message.

You were right. I completed my system update and when I re-tried I was able to back up my iPad successfully.