iShare w/ Speakers, XtremeMac being lame


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I just sold a standard radioshack stereo "y-adapter" and opted for a nice gold-plated, XtremeMac splitter. I want it to hook up my iPod to my Klipsch Pro Media 4.1 speakers, which require 4 channels to use all 4 speakers. When I recieved it, I was horrifyed to find that it had the same - or possibly worse - old, scratchy, distorted sound that I had sold the old adapter to avoid. Without the adapter everything is crystal clear, with it the audio quality drops significantly. I have been "in contact" with some people at XtremeMac - if you call my emailing them, waiting 3 weeks, and then emailing them to get an unhelpful responce "contact". Does anyone else have this set up and have similar problems? Has anyone tried other splitters - like the monster iSplitter - with speakers and had success? Am I headed on another wild goose chase/ waste of another $15 in buying a new adapter?


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I'm pretty sure the splitters you're mentioning are headphones splitters that aren't intended to split the sound into stereo. (I'm not sure about this). Those male-female and cables named like this from xtrememac are probably the ones you're looking for. I'm not sure exactly which ones you need. I think I can ask my Dad later.