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Is anyone else this unlucky?


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Sometimes I wonder why I stick with Apple. Is it just me?
All except a couple of these were there straight out of the box. A couple happened after a while. None have ever been dropped or mistreated.

1. iPod Touch 1 - bricked by update
2. iPad 1 - light leakage
3. iPad 3 - blue line across screen
4. iPhone 4s - dent in bezel
5. iPhone 6s Plus (1st) - mark in screen, dust in camera
6. iPhone 6s Plus (2nd) - dust in screen, marks on aluminium, dot in middle of screen
7. iPhone 7 Plus (1st) - scratch under earpiece
8. iPhone 7 Plus (2nd) - 3 marks on upper antenna and mark near camera flash
9. iPhone 7 (1st) - scratch on screen
10. iPhone 7 (2nd) - scuff near flash


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I and the five others in my immediate family have owned many iterations of all the types of iPods, iPhones and iPads starting with version 3 of the iPod. Never had a problem with any of them but one--a Nano 7 that had its headphone jack stop working after about a year.


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Dents or scratches out of the box? I'd send them straight back. The way I look at the phones especially is that I want them to last for 2 years and if I can sell it after that it's a bonus. I'm using it all day everyday so I wouldn't expect anything less than a few cosmetic imperfections.


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I used to get really bothered by imperfections like this, but phones end up getting bashed/scratched/dropped with everyday use, so I've learned to live with it!