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iPods - iPads - LOST and FOUND


New member

Soy de Mexico (Estado de México) y el Lunes 11 de Junio del 2012 perdí mi Ipod touch en le calle mientras que iba a mis clases de box. La calle donde lo perdí era en una calle llamada "Mayas" cerca de la avenida Lomas Verdes, la calle está atras de el bazar Lomas verdes y de un Burger King y de un Fisher's y una iglesia vieja. Si alguien sabe de un Ipod touch encontrado ahí tirado en la calle por favor ayúdenme, se los agradecería mucho.:)


New member

Funda Negra de plástico con planetas, 32 Giga Bites y color Negro 4ta generación con cámara de los dos lados.:D


New member

Si lo encontraste llama al 53-64.20-08 ó al 044-55-14-51-43-84. El quien me lo encuentre y me lo regrese tendrá una recompensa, Gracias:D


New member
Found Ipod Nano, Fallen Leaf Lake, Lake Tahoe

Found Ipod Nano, Fallen Leaf Lake, Lake Tahoe, July 30,2012


New member
Lost iphone

Hi, I lost my iPhone at American Airlines Admiral's club in JFK on Aug 2nd. If anyone found it, pls let me know. Thanks!


New member
Found blue Nano on a BC Ferry

Hi, I found a blue nano on a BC ferry on saturday Aug 12. If you think this is yours please PM me so I can return to the owner. Thank you


New member

Hi, Lost my iPod Touch on the train late on Friday night 31/08/2012.
It was on the Bankstown line from the city to Liverpool. I got off at Belmore at around 11:30pm.
The ipod was in a black vinyl flip-style case & had red and black earphones attached with the letter 'b' on each earphone.
The ipod is passlock protected & has a lot of notes on it that are very important to me but of no value to anyone else. It was a gift & also has sentimental value.
If found please phone 0405 824 469. You will be rewarded. Thank you


New member
Lost iTouch!

On Monday August 27th, 2012 around 8pm an Apple iPod iTouch was left behind on a bench inside of Women's locker room at LA Fitness Gym in West Chester, OH. It has the owner's name engraved on the back since it was a gift to her from her loved ones. If you have found it and still have in your possession, turn it in to the front desk of the Gym. Thank you.


New member
Lost Ipod Touch, September 29, 2012 Decatur GA

Last seen at picnic table after Decatur Concert on the Square. Case says Disney Dream. Picture of bruised finger, next screen with our Opa screaming. Reward offered.


New member
Lost Ipod Touch September 20, 2012 in Decatur, GA

Last seen at picnic table after Decatur Concert on the Square. Case says Disney Dream. Picture of bruised finger, next screen with our Opa screaming. Reward offered.


If its iOS 5 or up and you didn't turn "find my iPod" off in location services you might be able to locate it go to iCloud.com - not totally sure if this works haven't had to use it!


New member
Lost pink i Pod touch 5

My daughter lost her ipod thurs night around 8:30 at McDonalds in hanover pa on Eisenhower dr 17331. It is a pink ipod with a purple case on it. The case has black hearts with silver and white gems on it. This was a gift for my daughter and she is devasted. If you have found it or know where it is please contact me 7175428168. Thanks


New member
My brother lost his iPod last Monday in Pittsburgh PA. Was last used inside the Century 3 Mall so we're assuming it's still in there somewhere... but we don't know exactly where :(, it's black with black gel case.


New member
Did it have a football case?

I found an iPod on the grounds of a school in Columbia, S.C., on Dec. 26, and would like to get it back to its rightful owner. If you think this might have been yours, please reply here with some details about the iPod ... size, some songs on it, school where you lost it, serial number (if you know it), etc.
Did it have a football case. And some songs, bangarang, wwe zach ryder?


New member
Missing ipod 4th G

Lost or misplaced ipod while at Best Western motel in Anaheim, CA on July 26, 27 and 28, 2013. Visiting Disneyland. White with silver back. Front desk/lost and found says nothing turned in. Reward offered.


New member
Lost iPod Touch Gen 5 Pink on Delta: Rome to JFK

Lost iPod touch on flight from Rome to JFK on Friday, August 23rd. I thought I installed find my iPod, but apparently install wasn't completed. Any leads, please let me know.

There was a business card from the hotel we stayed at in Rome in the back of the transparent pink iPod skin. Residentia Al Sara Ceno ROMA; 25 Via Poli 00187

Tons of family pictures from our trip are there. Reward and shipping covered!




Staff member
I am sorry to see the loss of an important device.

The sad thing is that you most likely will not get it back. It would be astronomically coincidental that someone logged in here actually found your device.

If you pick up a new one, you can restore the backup from the old one and get some of the data back.


New member
If you pick up a new one, you can restore the backup from the old one and get some of the data back.
Sadly, not the pix from the trip. A good reason to back up to iCloud when traveling and taking pictures.

As for the utility of this forum for finding iPods, you are correct. And not everyone here is honest. One poster recently asked for tips on how to take over someone's lost iPod.