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iPods - iPads - LOST and FOUND


New member
Found iPod in Chilliwack, BC

I found an iPod on the side of Bonny Avenue in Chilliwack on December 18th. I couldn't find any information on it to reveal the owner. If you've lost an iPod in this area, please visit the lost/found section for the Fraser Valley craigslist to contact me.


New member
Lost iTouch enroute to Grenada via Barbados

My daughter lost my iTouch somewhere b/w the Barbados airport and landing in Grenada. It is in a black leather case, it is a 64G, 3rd gen. If you found it, I would appreciate you contacting me. It had no music but lots of video, kids stuff and family photos, including one of my chance encounter with Bryan Adams.


New member
Lost iTouch - Dec 2011, Disney World, FL

My son lost his 3rd Generation, 32gb iTouch while in vacation at the Disney World parks.


New member
Lost iPod - 12/20/2011, Charlotte Douglas Airport, Flight 1243

My daughter left her iPod Touch 3g behind on the plane we flew on from Syracuse, NY to Charlotte, NC on 12/20/2011. It was in Row 15, seats A, B, C and D.

It is a black iPod Touch 3g, 32 gb with a silver back. The upper right corner is cracked. It was in a clear plastic case. On the back, it was engraved with her name, Lorelei Katherine Stokes.


New member
Found IPOD Touch Jan. 2, 2012 , SAN DIEGO AIRPORT

SAN DIEGO AIRPORT, Jan. 2, 2012, between 9am-1130am. Found IPOD Touch on a chair in front of a bar and magazine store, right after the security checkpoint. Please provide detail description of IPOD. (i.e. Serial number, "XXXX's" Ipod, wallpaper/screensaver, color/casecolor) Will return the IPOD. Please reply on thread.


New member
Found Nano in Central Park NYC

Found an nearly new Nano in Central Park today. Will return it if you can identify color and engraved name. May as for subway fare if required to return it to you.


New member
Found old 30g iPod in us airways Jan 14

Plane from san Juan. Seat 11c

If it's not yours don't bother. It is specifically easy to identify.

Post a reply


New member
Lost iPod - 30 January 2012 & Capen Hall, University of Buffalo, Buffalo NY

I lost a classic white iPod, 32GB, in a black faux-leather case underneath the stairs outside Capen library in the circular alcove (the one made of concrete and ratty blue cushions), I think. If someone has any information about it, I would love to have it back, as it is an old iPod, but priceless to me in terms of sentimentality.

Thank you.


New member
Found Nano

Found a Blue 4th Gen Nano in a rental truck this week - truck came from the Orlando FL area. I charged it up and it shows that the last charge date was in June 2011. I'd love the find the rightful owner - I called 1-800-Apple and apparently they no longer will track down the owner (please correct me if I'm wrong, I didn't get past the automated answering system).

If you think this is yours, post some info. that might help identify it as yours and we'll be in contact.



New member
Found Ipod Grand Canyon 2/25/2012

.. by first downhill rest area on the South Kaibab Trail, Grand Canyon Feb. 25, 2012.
Please email to identify!


New member
Help!!!! Lost ipod on BART!!!

Hey Guys!! I just lost my ipod classic on BART.

I traveled from Union city to Montgomery St., arrived at about 11:30 am.

My ipod is a white 7th gen 160gb Ipod classic, covered with a blue skin.

It is super important to me cuz ALL of the projects that I've been workin sooo hard for in my entire college life are inside my ipod..

So please, If someone happened to pick up an ipod that looks alike, call me !!

phone : 408-838-7943


New member
LOST iPod, SAT., 4/14/12, DC National Zoo, Ladies Bathroom

My Daughter Lost her iPod, White with a Purple Silicone Case on SAT., 4/14/12 at the DC National Zoo in Ladies Bathroom. She laid it down on top of the toilet paper dispenser. If found, please call (917) 589-5785. I will reward for the correct iPod.


New member
Lost iPod - 5 May 2012 @ BYU

-Lost iPod touch 4th generation at the BYU Track Invitational around 1:00pm
-Has Belkin hard case on it (silver/black)
-On the back of the the iPod has full name (Ryan Vaughn Furlong)
-Front screen is cracked
-bottom left corner up to the top left and around the menu button
-Standard iPod headphones with the iPod




New member
Lost ipod touch

I LOST MY IPOD TOUCH at a park on June 5th in Toronto, Ontario. It is 3rd generation, 32gb, black skin case. The park was beside St George's Junior School at Princess Margaret Boulevard and Princess Anne Crescent. If found please notify me ASAP.