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iPods - iPads - LOST and FOUND


New member
Found iPod Nano (new) in Manhattan, KS

Found an empty iPod Nano in KSU's parking garage on 9/8/2011.

If you can tell me a combination of these:
The first name of the owner (sorry, all that was on there, maybe was previously stolen?)
The capacity
The color
What accessories were found with it, if any.
The serial number

Than it shall be returned.

I have a touch, happy with it.


New member
LOST 64 GB Ipad 1st gen wearing an Otterbox case and Zagg screen protector in Austin International Airport.

Please contact me if you happen to have seen it/grabbed it.


New member
Lost iPodTouch - St. Louis, Missouri

I lost my iPod Touch while at the Edward Jones Dome attending the Joyce Meyer conference on September 16. It could've been lost somewhere else in the city, but that's the last place I recall having it. It was in a black case and it has a scripture on the back of it.

Please contact me if you found it. This forum sure makes me feel better about my chances-- and about people.


New member
Lost 64 GB iPod touch 3rd Gen. somewhere in San Diego, CA. Possibly on Miramar MCAS or La Jolla. Will give cash reward if requested. Please and Thank You


New member
Lost 64gig 4gen iPod touch

I lost my 64gig Ipod touch late Saturday the 17th in Manhattan. I do know the serial number and it was in an Otterbox case. Reward if found. Thank you.


New member
IPOD found on airplane

I found an ipod 2GB in the seatback of our airplane from Denver to San Diego on 9/15. The owner is "Ed Pogue" but that is all I know. If Ed reads this please let me know.


New member
Found Ipod Shuffle - PA Turnpike area around Sept. 3rd

I found what looks to be a 4th Gen Ipod shuffle on the PA turnpike. If you lost it, and can verify some information on it please let me know and I will gladly get it back to you. I did not have any connections so I bought a plug on ebay to connect it to my pc so that I could get the serial number and check for other information.



New member
Lost Ipod Nano Red - 16 Sept, Westall Station, Melbourne

Hello I lost my iPod Nano at the Westall Station on the 16th Sept around 7pm. I can verify the serial number, and the accessory that's with it, or the music in it!!
It was a gift and I really hope a kind soul found it and is looking to return it! :eek:


New member
Lost 32Gig iPod Touch at Sleep Inn, Kansas City Airport

So, so sadly, my family lost our iPod Touch while packing to leave the Sleep Inn near the Kansas City Airport. This was one of our favorite possessions, as it kept kids happy and quiet in the most boring of times... It had quite a bit of music, some pictures, several movies and tv shows, and apps for the kids. Any info or ideas of how I could find it, please contact. Sadly, did not have it registered with the cloud feature. I really think housekeeping should have found it, but they deny having done so. :eek:

Thanks! Oh... and I'm so glad to see so many posts of found iPods.. you guys are awesome for your honesty!


New member
Lost 4th gen iPod Touch - Anchorage Airport or Alaska Airlines

My son lost his 4th gen black iPod either on the 10/22 Alaska Airlines flight 139 or at the Anchorage airport on the same day. If found please send me a PM. I'll respond right away.
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New member
Found Ipod Grand Cayman

Found an ipod in a rental car on Grand Cayman on November 2, 2011. I would like to get it back to its owner.


New member
Lost 4th gen iPod Touch - New York City

Lost 4th gen iPod Touch at W34th Street and 9th Ave area in New York, NY. Screen is cracked at top right corner. If found, please PM me.

Thank you!!


New member
iPod found in rental car Philadelphia

Found an iPod in the suburban I rented last week in Philadelphia. Apple will not contact the owner for me. I am not sure why. I would really like to find the owner and return this iPod. Please reply to this thread or email me at s
[email protected]. You tell me about what you lost and what is on the iPod.


New member
ipod touch 8g white found thanksgiving day parade 11/24/11

given to police officer who said it will be available with nypd lost and found.


New member
iPad lost southwest air LAX - OAK 11/25/11

Flight 358. Wife left 64gb iPad on plane in front row seats. Reward offered, no questions asked. PM if found.


New member
Found Ipod - Seal Beach, CA

Found an Ipod at Seal Beach, CA on Nov 29, 2011. It has a name in the settings and lots of songs. Tell me your name and I'll send it to you.


New member
Lost or stolen iPod nano San Antonio,TX

Lost my ipod Nano today at work. It's metallic blue with a ding on the bottom part of the metal. There's a bunch of Asian music in it. If anyone finds it or knows it's where abouts please let me know. Reward for it's retrieval. Thank you


New member
Lost iPod - November 19, 2011 Between SMF & PXM

Left Sacramento Airport at midnight on November 19th on AeroMexico flight AM615 to Guadalajara. We missed our originally booked flight and was on an AeroMexico flight at 10am out of Guadalajara to Mexico City. Then AeroMar VW539 from Mexico City to Puerto Escondido, MX.

My bag was with me all the time, and I never pulled out my iPod to use it, but somehow it was missing when we arrived at our destination. My iPod was in a handheld, fabric camera case - containing the Orange 8 GB iPod, a blue "running" armband, another flexible plastic case for the ipod, all of the charging cords and two sets of earphones (one that the one ear doesn't work) and the other was my iPhone earphones that we still in the original wrapper.

The iPod has several audiobooks: The Help, Tina Fey's Book, etc and the Daily Audible Bible in the Podcast section.

Reward offered for return - no questions asked.