iPod touch got wet


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Need some help...long story short.

My touch got wet in a rainstorm. Still comes on but the touch screen doesn't work. Reading posts led me to believe the touch screen digitizer needed replacement. Thought I would try it myself since they are fairly inexpensive parts online.

Successfully took apart and installed new digitizer. Still didn't work. Thought maybe it was a faulty new part so ordered another. This time broke the LCD in removing the digitizer. Ordered new LCD. Successfully installed new LCD and second new digitizer. Unit comes on but touch screen still doesn't work.

Obviously something else damaged in the rain. Any ideas? Or just throw it away.

Well, you can keep nickel and dimming yourself by replacing small parts here and there or you could toss it aside. One option would be to completely replace the logic board. I am not sure how much that costs for your unknown iPod touch generation. So you will have to conduct a small cost analysis to determine if it is worth it. Remember that time also equals some amount of money as well.

On a side note, thank you for calling it an iPod touch. I think a thread title of "iTouch got wet" would have been way too open for attack.


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I agree with the nickel and diming point. It may be entirely a lost cause. The money you spend to fix it could be put towards a new ipod anyway. This is why I've always liked Nintendo's handhelds. Have you seen the stress tests people do on them? leave them out in the rain, flushing them in the toilet. Once they dried out for a couple of days, They worked fine.