Ipod Touch Case


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I have had a hard time finding a new case that I like for my touch. I would prefer one for the 6 that doesn't have the hole for the loop, but will consider one if I really like it. Most of the cases I have seen are ugly or bulky. Unfortunately, while periodically looking for cases I never see any new ones that I didn't see a year ago. I have a Speck case for both of my touchs. But one has the fabric peeling off (it looks bad when I tried to glue it back on), and I don't like the grip of the other and has plastic buttons that are hard to press down. I contacted Griffin, but they said they don't know when they will have new design cases available. Anyone know of anyone that has sharp, durable looking cases that aren't bulky? I see so much nice variety of iPhone cases that I like, but I doubt it would fit the touch. It is disappointing there isn't more selection.