ipod touch and airport


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I just got a 2nd gen ipod touch. Everything was going fine until trying to connect to the internet. I have the wifi signal showing but when trying to connect I get a no access message. Our home internet is not wireless but we have airport. Does that not enable me to connect wirelessly? I have seen many many threads re: an inability to connect, but nothing about Airport. I've tried turning WiFi on, then off, then on again. I am so sad as I was really excited about my new ipod. Right now it is just a glorified ipod classic.

Airport, you mean the Apple product? Make sure that you have an ethernet cable running from your DSL/broadband modem (do not confuse this with dial-up, I am talking about the device that you plug into your phone line or your cable line) to Apple's Airport device. I have an Airport Express for my wireless internet needs and I have not run into any issues.

It sounds like you either don't have internet running into your Airport device or you need to punch in the correct security key on your iPod touch.