iPod Touch 4G upgrade to iOS 6 - not enough space?


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Hi I am trying to upgrade my iPod Touch 4G to the newly-released iOS 6. However, the "Download and Install" button is greyed out with a message underneath reading "This update requires at least 2.4 GB of available storage".

I thought that the iOS upgrade will automatically wipe clean my iPod to factory settings so that space will be available want it or not. What gives?


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I belive iOS will only install as an upgrade when using software update on the device. If you want to do a clean install connect it to a computer and Restore it using iTunes. When Restoring choose to set it up as a ne device.


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No, for some reason this was also displayed on my iPhone 4S.
I was trying to do an over-the-air update.
I ended up having to do an update via iTunes on my computer.