iPod photo 30gb Review (Ready)!!!!


Got my iPod photo 30GB!!!
Ok everyone, I know I said Wednesday at 5:00 pm (GMT) I will be hosting an eleborate review of the new Apple iPod photo 30 gb

I have been able to get the review finished for today but the Questions and Answers Video Review will not be completed untill tommorow at 5:00 (GMT), this is because I am waiting for people to email me questions they need answering on it, so please do get those into me at [email protected] in the next day!!!

Anyway without further talk, I would proudly like to introduce my full blown review of the new iPod photo 30 gb edition.

Because of the size of this thing, I am hosting it completely on my website, so click the link below and it will take you straight to it! Also please come back here after you've read it/ looked at all the photos and tell me what you think and also any questions you want answering in tommorow's Full Video review with Questions and Answers!!


Darryl Hall
(Hopefully this might get mentioned on the front page of the site if its good, there isn't any other reviews around for it anyway!)


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So, bottom line? It's thinner and lighter than the 40 and 60. No offense but we already knew that. Everything else is the same. Also, you make lots of assumptions of what will happen in the future line and state them as fact. That's just a pet pieve of mine.


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He's proud of his new toy, and wants to share information - information that people who are looking at the 30 are probably eager for. Don't rain on his parade. And don't spell peeve "pieve" - that really annoys me. :)

I do think the pictures need to be redone. They're all pretty blurry and lo-res.


Got my iPod photo 30GB!!!
Not particularly, but thanks for the suggestions and yes i am trying to get some good quality photos, most of them are blurred and the photos are supposed to have thumbnails on that album page, i am working on it, but hey it is a day early and I have been working on this for a number of hours now, i don't make any assumptions, the future is the future, if you were Apple what would you do, try explaining that and you will see clearly that what i am saying is in fact the best analytical review around about the prospect of a full colour screen line, which WILL happen, I could bet you all the money in the world on that one, not that they would let me do that, I am sure!

I am sorry about most of the photos, I was in a rush to get some out before this evening, then I wouldn't have to do as much work tommorow, don't worry though, I will take some much better photos tommorow.

Again can I ask everyone, write some questions you want answered and I will talk about them in the video review tommorow, also if anyones viewed the videos that are there now, can you tell me if A) they work B) The programs working good C) the links arent broken and D) they are of a reasonable quality , thanks in advance guys!
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Hello, Thanks for reading
omg ... too much writing .... hehehe, just kidding ! nice review you just need to adjust the zoom on the images they are to blurry, you can do this by changing the distance on the camera (its a bottom with a flower, you can modify normally to a shorter distance)

Musicroom :D


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hey darry, not bad on the review! ;) I had a question though, what is that cable you have from your ipod to your car stereo? It looks as though it makes it connect to its to the auxilary or CD so you dont have to use radio stations like the itrip and such? Let me know because i want to get one if thats what i think it is, no more static ever i hope lol


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nice review.. thank you.
Though the most I was waiting were the pics.. which are really bad. You could use MACRO or just trying to do it again, i dont now


Got my iPod photo 30GB!!!
It is an Auxilary cable that connects straight from the top of the iPod, to the Aiwa CD Player, but if your looking for a good CD Player with an AUX IN but at a low cost, your gonna have trouble as it is only Aiwa in the UK that do it for some strange reason and some of the higher range Sony's. Mine cost £89.99 from Argos ( I don't know where you are from) but it works a treat and it was a fantastic price for a Car Stereo.

(oh and Phumfeinzq, yes I do have some crap music on my iTunes, but its mostly for other people as i share my iPod around all the time and so I can cater for everyones bad tastes :D and remember listen to music because you like it, not because its cool ):p
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I don't know what that's supposed to mean, but I don't bow to peer pressure. My iPods got The Beatles, The Who, Pink Floyd, The Kinks and Jimi Hendrix on it. So THERE!


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Ok, so we've read Darryl Hall's review....I'd like John Oates' opinion now. :D

Just kidding, mate. Nice work! I got my 30GB Photo a week ago and I love it.


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darrylsipod: check your email, if you havent already, i sent some questions for your video review

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