iPod Nano Incase Neoprene Sleeve review with pics


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http://www.thefreeimagehosting.com/Uploads/Images/7644577925000iPod nano neoprene sleeve.JPG
http://www.thefreeimagehosting.com/Uploads/Images/7644813862501iPod nano neoprene sleeve (1).JPG
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http://www.thefreeimagehosting.com/Uploads/Images/7646115425005Nano case compared.JPG
http://www.thefreeimagehosting.com/Uploads/Images/7647268550006Nano case compared (2).JPG
http://www.thefreeimagehosting.com/Uploads/Images/7647585737507Nano case compared (1).JPG

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Just click on the tumbnail you want to see and then click the "Click here to view full-size image in a new window" to see it big.


This is probably the biggest concern to most people ever since Apple has started focusing on slimness for their iPods. I felt that it was very small when compared to a cell phone (see comparison pic). Others that want a case that adds no bulk at all should look into the plastic coverings from Invisible shield or competitor. It is about twice as thick as the nano not including the belt clip (the apple tubes were about 1.5 times as thick). This seems like a lot but remember that the nano is only 3mm thick or so.

Belt clip

This is one of the main reasons to pick this case. It has a great strong belt clip that won’t unintentionally come off, but then again you can’t take it off at all! It has a very slim profile and is about the thickness of the nano.
It holds the nano upside down, but don’t worry I think it looks fashionable. The reason they did this is because the headphone port is on the bottom of the nano.

Cut outs

The screen, click wheel, hold switch, and headphone jack are able to be accessed at all times. Both the screen and click wheel has a protective piece of plastic over top. The click wheel is easily accessed through this plastic. The hold switch has a small cutout but enough to see it and move its position. The dock connecter is only accessible if you lift the Velcro strap.
Also worth mentioning is that the nano doesn’t sit up far enough, it is only by 0.5 mm or so and you can still see the whole screen and use the click wheel. If you bump it up a little it doesn’t have the problem.

Ease of putting on and removal

It’s pretty easy to remove the case, but only after you learn the secret. The plastic covering on the screen will stick to the nano’s screen and make it stuck in the case. If you press on the sides where there is no plastic it will lift the plastic so you can slide the nano in or out easily.


It is a great case and is slim considering the belt clip. It is perfect for someone that will use the belt clip more then putting it in their pocket (although in loose pants it’s not tight). It protects every part of the nano except for the opening for the hold switch and the headphone port. The only negative is that the plastic sticks when removing or inserting the nano.
If you don’t need a belt clip look at the Invisible Shield or at the apple tubes.
If you only need a belt clip part of the time look at the aluminum case from core cases, it has a removable belt clip. There are a lot of positives about this case, but it is heavy.


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I tried but I got an error page. It worked later and I'm sure it was just temporary, but I want a dependable one.
Also the one's above doesn't have as many limitations.