iPod connects, iPod shuffle does not.


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My sister just got an iPod shuffle, and it doesn't connect to one computer, but does the other. They both have the same software, but one has USB 1.1 and the other (which does work) has USB 2.0. The computer that does not connect to the iPod shuffle does connect to my iPod. Why does one iPod connect but not the other? I tired them in the same port. I just tried, and the shuffle does not quit playing when plugged in, like my iPod does. I'm not sure if it does normally, however.

Both computers are running Windows XP Home, Service Pack 2, and iTunes 4.8.


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Try changing the drive letter assigned to the ipod shuffle under disk management.....that might work.

I have had the same problems along with countless others...mine will work sometimes and sometimes not....its picky i guess.