iPod Classic No songs in iTunes/iPod - but okay w/MediaMonkey?


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I have a 186 GB iPad Classic that apparently stopped working today. I plugged it into my PC to access iTunes and iTunes wouldn't properly recognize my iPod. I ejected it and now it is saying there isn't any music on it.

I plugged it back in (now iTunes won't even recognize it) and I can see that the files are still there.

This has happened before - so I think it has something to possibly do with the file structure being corrupted?? In the past - I copied the contents from my iPod to my PC - reset the iPod - and then copied the music back over.

I was planning on doing this again, but the first issue is that I can't get iTunes to recognize my iPod.

MediaMonkey automatically launches whenever I connect my iPod and interestingly - I could see all of my music just fine - perfectly organized - and I was able to play songs from my iPod.

Weird that I can use it using 3rd party software - but not through iTunes or my device.

Any advice? Thanks!!


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I should add that my cable is pretty beat up. I keep meaning to get a new one, but the old style connectors are harder and harder to find in the store and I've been lazy to order online. I will take care of that right away - but wondering if that has anything to do with my current issue?


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Replacing a bad cable is one of the first suggestions I make. The second is rebooting the computer.

It is possible that iTunes expects return messages from the iPod in a shorter time than Media Monkey. It is also possible that Media Monkey is getting the information before iTunes does, and preventing iTunes from seeing it. Most people with Media Monkey don't bother with iTunes. You may have to disable Media Monkey iPod detection/management (probably a service) to allow iTunes to manage the iPod properly. That is if a new cable does not resolve the issue first.