iPod 5th Gen White Screen Problems


New member
I have an iPod 5th generation, 30GB, model A1136. The iPod is fully charged, and it boots up, showing the Apple logo on the black background, then it goes to a blank white screen. Clicking with the wheel or select button produces a clicking sound as if you're going through the menus, but I can't tell what I'm doing because the screen doesn't show the menus.

When the iPod is not in Disk Mode, iTunes does not recognize it at all and behaves as if there is no iPod connected.

I have put it into diagnostic mode, and the screen works fine. I can see the menus and run tests. All the tests I can find run and it passes.

I have put it into disk mode (and the screen works fine) and connected it to my computer, and iTunes recognizes it and treats it like a fully functioning iPod. I can fill it up with music and it seems fine.

I have tried resetting it (turn hold switch on then off, then hold Menu and Select buttons until it reboots), but it just boots back to a white screen.

I have tried restoring it via iTunes, but it still boots to a white screen.

FYI: I'm using the latest version of iTunes, just downloaded and installed from the Apple website on Windows 10.

How can I get rid of this white screen and get the normal iPod menus back?

Thanks for your help!