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ipod 4th gen. 20gb classic battery life?


New member
I took out my ipod after years of non use to find the battery was bad and ordered another to install. After install, I charged it and it played all my music but the battery only worked for 3 hours and takes 5 hours to charge when plugged into an Apple charger. If I fully charge but don't play anything, the next day it is dead? The only way to turn it on is to plug into a charger and the Apple logo appears then the empty battery with a caution sign with ! in it then begins charging for 5 hours again? I have the lighted dial turned off and can't understand what is draining this new battery which has the same model# as my original battery? I joined this forum because I've been doing GOOGLE searches daily for a week since installing the new battery but only find generic answers that leed to battery changes and logic board troubles? Mine opened fine with no issues and I had all the correct tools and I wore latex gloves during the installation.


New member
I guess there is no interests in this devise? The trouble is that it never worked smoothly and was by no means cheap to purchase! I see many threads about the battery life problems of this Ipod but it's almost dead trying to get anyone to sound in on the issues I'm having now the the battery has been changed? Can someone sound in on where I can get any real information on this devise ( IPOD 4th Gen.)??


Staff member
Not a lot of hardware people here. Based on older discussions, the culprit is likely the ribbon cable that connects the battery to the main board. it is damaged and needs replacing, but it could be a number of other things as well.

You can search the site using Google. Use the term: site:forums.ilounge.com ipod classic battery replacement
Add and remove terms as needed. For example, you could add drain, or change replacement to install