ipod 160g classic not recognised by itunes


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Had to buy a new PC.
Downloaded itunes to the new PC and therefore the latest itunes version.
This immediately wiped my ipod of music.
I restored my library into itunes from back up.
Problem now is, I have a fully restored library in itunes, but now have an empty 160gig ipod classic and itunes will not recognise it when i plug it in via usb.
What do i need to do to get the ipod recognised by itunes.
Any help greatly appreciated


Staff member
Apple of course has a page for this: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204095

There are a couple of areas you may want to look at though.
1. Where did you get iTunes? Windows Store or Apple? I highly suggest the Apple version as it seems to be reliable.
2. See the page above in the Apple Mobile Device service section: "If you downloaded iTunes from Apple"

If those don't work, come back and we'll look at reinstalling a driver for your iPod.