iphone cases work with touch?


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do the screen protector and cases that are for iphone work with ipod touch? are they the same fit? im wanting to get a case or protector for it but i dont know of anywhere that has things for the touch yet.


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Yeah, but it leaves a big of a gap though since it is too big. Best to wait for a real case. JUst remember, the backing needs more protection than the front.


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Actually, the Case-Mate leather case works fine...it's only slightly bigger than the Touch but it doesn't move around in there.

My Touch is sitting in one right now...nice, snug fit with good protection until the actual Touch cases are released.



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I'm guessing if you just want a screen protecter, you could get one for the iphone, bt otherwise just wait for an actual case.


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No need for a screen protector. As I've said in other threads, the screen is scratch resistant. I watched a guy attack the screen with his keys, and it didn't suffer any scratches.

And the iPhone cases are all too fat. Wait, or use a 5G iPod sleeve.