iPad stopped sending SMS texts?


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My iPad is no longer sending text messages to people not using iPhone. This happened about the same time I got a new iPhone 8. Is there any connection? Or what can I do to my iPad to still be able to send texts as SMS? I prefer texting on my iPad to my phone because the letters are larger and I can text faster. Thanks!


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Am I correct in assuming the iPad is WiFi only?

Did the iPhone 8 replace another iPhone?

If both of the above are Yes, then you need to reestablish your connection between the iPad to the new iPhone to allow the iPad to use the iPhone to send the SMS messages. Both devices need to have an email address associated with iMessage and be selected as a used address.

On the iPad go to Settings->Messages->Text Message Forwarding and set Turn Text Message Forwarding on.
On the iPhone you'll need to go to Settings->Messages->Text Message Forwarding and turn on your iPad.
Read the code off of your iPad and enter it into the prompt on your iPhone.

It should be working.